Wednesday , 16 August 2017

How Akamai Class Can Make Tech Implementation Plans More Efficient

Akamai is a content-delivery network that was founded at MIT in the 1990s. Akamai started off as a class project when Tim Berners-Lee posed a challenge to his students: invent a better way to deliver internet content. Although the internet was just in its beginning stages, the information highway was soon expected to become overloaded. Today, it is one of ... Read More »

NIST NVLAP Certification Improves Laboratory Credibility Exponentially

NVLAP stands for National Voluntary Lab Accreditation Program. This program is run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. NVLAP accreditation is available, though not required, for school, commercial and federal laboratories. If you run a business that utilizes a lab space, you may want to look into having your laboratory accredited by the NVLAP, just as you would ... Read More »

Top Shavlik IT Management Products For Improved Business Technology

Shavlik is a technology company dedicated to providing software and IT assistance to businesses and organizations. Since 1993, Shavlik has expanded in the world of IT management. Today, they offer a variety of services in addition to useful products. If you are interested in learning more about what Shavlik can offer your business, keep reading below. Network Assessment One of ... Read More »

Top Accounting Software Solutions With Useful Invoicing Features

Timberline Accounting Software was developed by Timberline Estimating, now known as Sage Estimating, for a series of construction business solution software. Today, that same Timberline Accounting Software can be purchased in a package of construction management software. However, the cost of Sage software is not ideal for smaller businesses. If you are a start-up construction company, or if you just ... Read More »

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