Thursday , 30 March 2017

NBA General Manager App Prepares For Another Successful Season

Mobile gaming is growing at insane rates. In almost every niche, mobile games are being created app developers and embraced by users. Last year, the NBA, or National Basketball Association, also joined the heat. They released a new app called NBA general manager 2014. The app allows fans to act as the general manager of official NBA teams. Currently, it ... Read More »

New Wave Of FDA Approved Mobile Apps Require Medical Prescription

Yes, you have read correctly. We now need prescriptions to download mobile apps! Of course, you might not need a prescription to download instagram, but you will need one for WellDoc’s Bluestar app. So, you can still download any app you would like (provided that it is free and you are of age). However, to actually access the Bluestar app, ... Read More »

How To Track Media Mentions Efficiently Online In Any Field

We have all been in that place where we know there are better solutions available. In today’s digital world, it seems like there is almost always a better solution either available tomorrow or coming soon. So, when it comes to tracking your brand awareness or engagement, how do companies do it? With many media platform channels, including social, news and ... Read More »

An Easy Semiconductors Introduction Almost Made Out Of Silicon

Learning about semiconductors can be an intimidating endeavor, for any new person to the field. That is because, it is very complex technology. It combines modern physics with physical production. Also, there are several terminologies and definitions that you have to brush up on before being able to understand the whole process. However, you can learn the basics in a ... Read More »

9 Free Media Tracking Tools To Listen And Respond To Customers Quickly

The media industry is growing exponentially. Just from a few years ago, the Internet has continued to double and double and double. Using media tracking tools, companies have been able to sort through all the data to find what matters most, their customers. Whether it’s a simple review, unhappy complaint or major praise of excitement, media tracking helps companies listen ... Read More »

Digital Candystorms Could Be The Next Public Relations Buzzword

We read about digital technology almost every day. We all know about the latest viral trends and YouTube sensations. We also sometimes run into the occasional company or politician who has ruined their entire reputation. In Germany, they have a term called “sh*tstorm”. This is used for when there is an abundance of negative comments or sharing going on about ... Read More »

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