Wednesday , 3 March 2021

7 Ways The NoScript Extension Improves Your Browsing Experience

NoScript is a free, open-source extension developed for Mozilla-based web browsers for the purpose of protecting internet users from harmful site plugins that act in promiscuous mode. Mozilla browser may want to take advantage of the available security feature, but first you need to know the benefits. Here are some of the top ways NoScript can benefit you and your ... Read More »

Common Cyber Attacks Can Be Prevented With These IT Security Tips

Cyber attacks are attempts by hackers to damage or destroy a computer or network system. These can range anywhere from malicious pranks to cyber terrorism threats, so it’s important to know exactly how cyber attacks may affect internet users like yourself. Cyber attacks are a growing threat, even for the average person. Here are some of the most common forms ... Read More »

Bringing Learning Technology To Lesson Plans For Better Student Success

As technological advances continue to make our daily lives easier, learning through technology becomes more fully integrated into our education system. Learning through technology is a way of keeping students engaged, enhancing their experience and opening the doors for differentiated instruction. This caters to the individual students’ wants and needs. In the digital age, it is important for teachers to ... Read More »

Just Announced iPhone 7s Release Hints At Exciting New Features

Mobile digital technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Due to the competitive market, new and improved smartphones are released every year. Apple’s iPhone is arguably the most widely used mobile device in the U.S. Next year, Apple will be introducing the iPhone 7s. In this post, technology enthusiasts can learn about the exciting rumored innovations happening to this mobile ... Read More »

Top Gamesites With Enjoyable Educational Games For Young Students

The implementation of technology in the classroom is greater than ever before. Between smart boards, tablets, personal laptops and varying multimedias like greenpages, students are surrounded by technology. In this post, educators can try out these five game sites that would be beneficial in any elementary classroom. ABCya! is a gamesite for children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Educators ... Read More »

How Parody elgooG Website Broke Through Serious Chinese Censorship

Google mirror, or elgooG, is a mirrored website of Google. The webpage and search results are horizontally flipped, while elgooG also offers users some fun games like Google Guitar and Pac-Man. Although at first glance, elgooG looks like a fun, harmless site that might cause a digital candystorm, elgooG’s impact is truly great. Many websites are blocked in China, but ... Read More »

Crucial 2 Factor Authentication Security Practices To Keep User Info Safe

Technology users worry about their digital security and are concerned about hackers discovering their private information. Viruses, successful phishing campaigns, and educated guesses are the most common ways that login passwords are uncovered without user permission. 2-factor authentication is a way of adding an extra layer of security to a technology user’s profile, to reduce the risk of unauthorized access ... Read More »

Why The Sony PSP 2000 Gaming Console Was A Technology Market Flop

The psp2000 was released in 2007 as a successor to the original PSP launched by Sony in 2004 (Japan) and 2005 (rest of the world). It was Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s years of dominating the handheld gaming market with its various portable systems and electronic media, but never quite reached its potential. Here are some reasons the PSP 2000 did ... Read More »

How Android Froyo Update Still Powers Millions Of Phones

Google Android came out with the “Froyo” update in May 2010. Froyo was Android 2.2, while the latest update is at 6.0. In this post, technology users can see what changes have occurred to the Android since the Froyo update six years ago. Or, you can check out the newest iOS updates too. Froyo In an article published on the ... Read More »

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