Thursday , 9 April 2020

Why New T-Mobile Throttling Threshold Is Angering Mobile Users

If you ask anyone, if they prefer faster or slower, you are probably going to get the same answer unanimously. Faster is preferred almost every time. We have become used to nearly instant access to information, entertainment and communication. Most of our interaction occurs on mobile networks like those provided by Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T. For most people, we do ... Read More »

Secret Apple Watch Sales Figures Investors Are Dying To Know

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the release of the new Apple Watch. After all, the iPhone impact was huge. If you are an Apple fan, you might be lining up for the day of the release sometime soon. Otherwise, you just might be excited in general for the new device. From a financial standpoint, almost everyone (except ... Read More »

HP Enterprise Technology Solutions Help Business Meet Shifting Demands

There are not two corporations that are exactly the same. They all need different solutions to create more value from IT solutions. If you think about it, they have different needs for IT structure because of the different paths taken towards innovation and development. That being said, then enterprise cloud platform offerings should be equally as different. At HP Cloud, ... Read More »

All You Need To Know About Windows 10 Updates Before Downloading

In our previous post on Microsoft’s integration of Skype into OneDrive, we noted that Microsoft is seeking to right all the wrongs made in the Window 8 release. It is evident that Microsoft is pushing for compatibility and integration across all devices and platforms. They want to be the one company that you may not see, but is everywhere behind ... Read More »

Effective Webcam Security Tactics To Avoid Clickjacking Scams

Most people usually invest in security cameras to make their home more secure. They wish to be able to see the inside of their home while away or watch infants while sleeping. Whatever the reason for these digital cameras, digital recordings are for the private use of the owner only, right? We would like to think so. But, if these ... Read More »

How Eye Tracking Technology Makes Augmented Reality Possible

For people who suffer from disabilities like quadriplegia, it can be very difficult to communicate. In many cases, they require people to assist them in their activities of daily living. Unfortunately, they are often quite dependent because of the situation they are in. Eye Tracking Supports Disabilities Digital health has had many investments to improve the lives of disabled. It ... Read More »

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