Friday , 15 January 2021

5 Podcast Advertising Network Best Practices

Podcast advertising networks enable podcasters to earn more capital off of their shows. They put great advertisers in touch with successful podcasters for optimal results on both ends. As a podcaster, you may be wary of how you could benefit from such a company. After all, not all podcasts increase their cash flows after partnering with networks. However, you may have tried multiple podcasting tools to no avail and need a new strategy. If you want to boost your profits by working with a network, you need to learn how to use the opportunities they offer to your advantage. Read this post to discover the top podcast advertising network best practices.

Learn The Terms

Firstly, learn the terms that podcast networks use. These terms differ from the ones companies use when implementing other kinds of digital advertising strategies. This best practice will set you up to achieve favorable deals. Moreover, you will not feel out of place or uninformed during any conversations. The basic terms worth learning include pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, and post-roll ads. Also familiarize yourself with terms like “live read” ads and “recorded read” ads. If you understand these basic terms, you will feel comfortable building a relationship with a podcast advertising network. For this reason, learning the proper terms is a best practice for all types of podcasters.

Prepare Your Podcast

Once you understand the basic terminology that podcast advertising networks use, prepare your podcast for ads. You do not want to get caught off guard when the time comes for you to implement advertisements into your shows. By gearing up for your first day of advertising, you ensure that it will go smoothly. A great way to prepare is to start taking natural breaks throughout your podcasts. Advertisers prefer working with podcasters who already have clean breaks in their content. That way, the advertisements are not jarring when they are implemented. For these reasons, take advantage of this podcast advertising network best practice.

Use Different Ad Approaches

Moreover, the podcast ad approaches you use directly impact your success. When your committed listeners hear you promote a product or service, they will likely listen carefully. After all, they clearly value your content if they consistently listen to your shows. With this being said, you do not want your new relationship with a prodcast advertising network to disrupt your quality of content. A great way to avoid such an outcome is to use creative approaches. These approaches include host-reading, endorsements and custom segments. Use a variety of ad approaches to make your deal with a podcast advertising network worthwhile.

Advertise For Various Companies

Another effective podcast advertising network best practice entails advertising for various companies. Many podcasters assume that they should only include ads that directly relate to their content. While these ads are usually easier to include in your shows, they do not necessarily yield the best results. After all, your podcast likely attracts a variety of listens. A true crime podcast does not only attract people who work in law enforcement just as cooking podcasts do not only attract chefs. Your listeners have numerous interests that you can touch on through advertisements. Keep your ads fresh and different by using this best practice.

Survey Your Listeners

Furthermore, survey your listeners to gain insight into how well your ad implementation is working. This best practice enables podcasters to make necessary changes quickly. If the majority of your listeners respond with negative comments about a best headphones podcast ad you created, you can contact your podcast advertising network to change advertisers. When you receive positive feedback about a specific advertisement topic, work with your advertising network to get more similar ads. This best practice will show your listeners that you care about their insights while also increasing your value to advertisers.

If you want to increase your profits in an effortless yet effective way, work with a podcast advertising network. To ensure that you yield good results with them, learn the terms that they usually use. Then, prepare your podcast for future ads by taking purposeful, clear breaks in your content. Use a variety of ad approaches to avoid boring your committed listeners. You can keep them engaged by advertising for an array of companies in various genres as well. Finally, survey your listeners to show them that you care. Take advantage of these podcast advertising network best practices.

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