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How To Prevent A Denial-Of-Service Attack On Your Ebusiness

A denial-of-service attack, or DoS attack, is when a hacker prevents you from accessing services, particularly the internet. This is done by the unknown third-party attacker accessing either your computer and its network connection. Or, the hacker could also compromise the network or computers of the website that you are trying to visit. If you are an online business owner, DoS attacks are more likely to be caused by the latter option. Unfortunately, media monitoring is not enough to prevent these attacks. Find out how to protect your network and computers from a denial-of-service attack below.

Install A Firewall

The first prevention step you need to take is to install a firewall, if you have not already. Then, you can configure it to restrict traffic coming into and leaving all of your business computers. This is the most important step you can take to protect your business, your website and your computers from any type of malicious attack. Make sure you install a firewall now if you do not already have one.

Have Resilient Architecture

In order to prevent DoS attacks, you will need to make sure you network architecture is impenetrable. The best way to do this is to make sure that you do not have all the servers and data centers used to power your website in one location. Distribute servers across a number of different data centers that utilize different networks. Also be sure to check that your data centers make use of diverse pathways. This is one of the best preventative steps to protect your e-business from a DOS attack.

Use SYN Cookies

Using SYN cookies is a good way to prevent SYN floods. SYN floods are one of the most common types of DoS attacks. These cookies can be used with a network security device, like the Cisco Guard, to track incoming TCP connections more efficiently. That will make it less likely that a SYN flood will overwhelm the stack, meaning your business will stay up and running. That is what makes this one of the most important denial-of-service attack prevention tips for ebusiness owners like you.

Buy More Bandwidth Than You Need

Another good prevention tip for DoS attacks is to buy a ton of bandwidth. This can get expensive, which is never good news for a business owner. However, the more bandwidth you have accessible, the more bandwidth a DoS attacker will need to jam up in order to succeed with their malicious attack. That makes it much harder for them to succeed, making it more likely that your website will stay up and running.

Purchase DDS Defense

The final step you can take is to purchase a DoS defense system, known as DDS. These DDS providers help block connection-based DoS attacks. Unlike other denial-of-service prevention tactics, these systems can also protect you from attacks with legitimate content that also have bad intentions. Those are the attacks that are even able to get through Intrusion Prevention Systems, or IPS. DDS defenses also protect you from protocol attacks, like teardrop and ping of death. In addition, it can also prevent rate based attacks, like ICMP floods as well as SYN floods. If you want the ultimate protection from denial-of-service attacks so that you never have to rent a PC, consider purchasing DDS defenses.

If you own an online business, a denial-of-service attack can have a huge impact on your bottom line. This can permanently harm your business and its traffic numbers. Make sure to follow the prevention steps for DoS attacks mentioned above, because even the best antivirus 2016 software is not enough to protect you from them. These DoS prevention strategies will help protect your network and your internet-connected business devices. The better you know how to protect your ebusiness from being hacked, the more likely you are to have a great deal of business success for years to come.

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