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Pros And Cons Of ColorWare Customization Services


ColorWare is a website that offers custom paint finishes to electronics that you love. When phone cases or laptop skins are just not enough, ColorWare lets you take the next step forward and design your devices permanently. Plus, it looks cool in your Facebook Newsfeed. If you are considering having your electronics customized, consider the pros and cons of ColorWare.

Pro: Customization

ColorWare is a service that paints electronics. They provide you with a permanent, high-quality finish on your devices. One of the best parts about this is that all of your electronics can be completely customized to fit your style. Choose from a ton of designs like Houndstooth or Victorian patterns for your phone, laptop or gaming system. If none of the designs tickle your fancy, you can always opt to have it engraved or painted in your favorite color. You can even color-coordinate your electronics by having them all painted. With ColorWare, the possibilities are endless.

Con: Pricey

ColorWare is not cheap. You can certainly find an inexpensive laptop case or otherwise on Amazon. However, ColorWare offers a permanent design for your product. Prices vary depending on the intricacy of your order and the product you are having painted. A basic paint job for the iPhone 6s will run you about $300. It would be more for a large tablet. You can purchase a phone through the company as well and have it painted before you receive it. However doing this together will cost around $1,050 or more. It is definitely not an option for those on a budget. Colorware’s customizable electronics are a serious financial endeavor. It may not be worthwhile to invest so much money on customizing a gadget that will be outdated in a few short years.

Pro: Variety

In addition to its customizable features, ColorWare also offers tons of variety to its customers. You may be looking to buy the electronics through ColorWare or send in your own to be painted. The company offers their services for Apple products, Beats speakers, XBox controllers and much more. You can also choose from thousands of color combinations that come in both gloss and matte finishes. No matter what you are looking for, ColorWare can certainly deliver when it comes to the expressive designs.

Con: Warranty

One big red flag for the ColorWare service is that it voids the device’s warranty. The ColorWare paint process involves taking apart your device in order to paint it. The disassembling process can be risky. The manufacturers of your products will not cover that risk in your warranty of a cracked phone. Once your product is taken apart and painted, the original manufacturer’s warranty is voided. However, you can purchase an extended warranty through ColorWare for your product. Or, if you are purchasing the electronic device through them, ColorWare also offers their own one year warranty. Make sure to compare what each warranty covers in order to make the right decision for your phone. Voided warranties are a definite disadvantage of ColorWare services.

ColorWare can be an excellent, albeit risky, way to customize your electronics. If you want to add a little pizzazz to your possessions, consider the pros and cons of ColorWare. Whether you choose to go matte black or glossy pink, your devices will surely turn out beautifully. However, you will run the risk of losing information on your phone and voiding the warranty, not to mention that hefty price tag! Make sure you know both the advantages and disadvantages of ColorWare before you try it out for yourself.

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