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Top QA Testing Tools To Automate Time Consuming Processes

If you are a test management professional responsible for ensuring the quality of various software, it can be a stressful job. Making sure that each and every detail works together perfectly is quite the task. However, there are solutions that can help make this task a bit simpler. Here are the top five QA testing software solutions that can streamline this time consuming task.


qTest is one of the best test management tools for Agile testing and quality assurance teams. This software integrates seamlessly with JIRA, ALMs and other automation tools. You can use this software’s features for test case repository management, test execution, defect tracking, reporting and integrations management. This will greatly improve efficiency with your QA team, even if they do not have NVLAP certification. If you want to use one of the most popular automated testing software, consider qTest.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a complete web and mobile automation framework. This software is built on top of the Selenium and Appium software. That is why it is such a comprehensive solution. Katalon is packed with features typically found only in paid-for software. However, it is entirely free to use. Katalon Studio features a dual scripting interface and out of the box qTest and JIRA integration. If you need to support an Agile team with CI workflow, Katalon Studio may be the QA testing solution you are looking for.


Selenium is a testing framework for web application testing. You can use this software to test web applications across a whole slew of different browsers and platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Selenium software is the foundation for a wide array of QA testing tools, as well. If you plan on using a combination of different testing automation tools to test your digital banking applications or others, Selenium is a software you should definitely be considering.


SpiraTest is one of the top integrated requirements and quality management solutions available. The software helps you manage project requirements, test cases, releases, defects and issues all within the same environment. This is much more efficient than using a variety of more specialized solutions. You can use SpiraTest to define project requirements, generate test cases and then test steps that validate functionality. If you want a testing automation solution that can be used throughout the whole testing process, SpiraTest is the software to consider.


TestComplete is a functional testing platform with a variety of solutions to help you automate desktop, web and mobile applications testing. This testing platform has a bunch of helpful features, including those for GUI testing, scripting language support, scripted testing and test recording and playback. In addition, the software features a test visualizer for the user’s benefit. If you want a comprehensive solution that less-technical testers can use easily, consider TestComplete from SmartBear.

If you are a test manager, you have a difficult job. Make it a bit easier on yourself by considering these QA testing automation tools. The testing software mentioned above is sure to help you streamline testing processes to improve efficiency and productivity within your testing team. This is true no matter whether you are testing accounting software or some other type of applications. Consider these options when trying to find the best testing automation solution for your needs.

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