Tuesday , 2 March 2021

How To Use Real Estate Virtual Reality Technology Innovations

Virtual reality innovations are changing the real estate industry. Companies are taking advantage of VR technology to provide convenient viewing for previously impossible options. These attractive features are causing more and more brokers to integrate VR into their businesses. As a real estate broker, you may be wondering how you can use this technology to improve your customer’s experience. Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of real estate virtual reality innovations.

Property Tour

Property tours are a popular real estate virtual reality innovation. VR property touring is quick and convenient. This innovation saves time for both agents and clients. Your clients can use their VR equipment to take a virtual tour of your properties at their leisure. This allows them to take more tours within the comfort of their own home. On your end, you’ll no longer have to prepare each property for new visits. VR tours completely eliminate issues with cleaning, security, and scheduling times. You can also customize your client’s experience by offering guided tours or pre-recorded touring narration. Use the real estate virtual reality property tour innovation to reduce critical time and effort.


Real estate virtual reality staging is a helpful problem solving innovation. Staging empty properties used to be a costly, time consuming issue for the real estate industry. Purchasing staging furniture ate into your profits. Now, you can sidestep this issue with VR staging. Real estate VR companies offer a virtual selection of furniture that they can program into tours. Virtual reality acts as a great form of brand marketers software in this way as well. You can select good looking furniture options at a much cheaper price point. furthermore, you won’t have to pay movers to move the furniture in and out of the property. Use real estate VR staging innovations to eliminate your furniture budget and maximize time.

Virtual Commerce

Virtual commerce is an upcoming real estate virtual reality innovation. VR commerce is natural evolution of property touring and staging. This innovation enables your client to take furniture from online stores and make adjustments to the virtual property while touring. It allows your client to get a sneak peek at what it might be like to live in that property. Your customer can easily customize the property to their liking, making VR one of the best sales tools. Even if the customer doesn’t use the customization function, they may still be interested in buying the default furniture in the tour. Surveys show that prospective buyers are more likely to buy properties at higher prices if they like the furniture as well. Use the real estate virtual reality commerce option to increase your furniture and property sales.

Predictive Architecture

Predictive architecture is a truly futuristic real estate virtual reality innovation. It is a very beneficial form of digital display advertising. With VR, you can now show what unfinished architectural structures will look like when completed. VR companies will use your designs and guidelines to create a virtual tour of your future property. This is a feature exclusive to VR. You can use this unique innovation to entice potential investors and buyers. Draw in your potential clients by showing them a vision of the future. Predictive architecture is a VR innovation that will change the way you deal with new clients.

Pre-recorded videos

Pre-recorded videos are a real estate virtual reality innovation that provide a sense of immersion. You can use VR pre-recorded videos for a plethora of functions. You can record detailed video instructions for clients to watch. This can help your client feel more at ease, making the touring experience more organic. You can also create customized pre-recorded videos for each individual client. These customized videos will help you create a better relationship with your customer, without having to be present. Use VR technology to really immerse your customer in the touring experience.

Real estate virtual reality is disrupting the industry. Don’t fall behind, use the VR innovations to propel your business into the future. Improve client satisfaction with virtual property tours, cheaper staging, and commerce options. Furthermore, entice investors with predictive architecture and pre recorded videos. By implementing all of these real estate virtual reality innovations, you can revolutionize your business.

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