Monday , 20 November 2017

How To Receive Fraud Alerts Protecting Your Credit And Identity Info

Fraud alerts are critical to keep your data safe. Whether its your credit card, social security number or technology usage, there are many ways to keep yourself updated. If you are a technology beginner, you will want to learn about how to receive these fraud alerts. They will help you avoid many of the data risks in our developing digital age.

Who Provides These Updates

Many companies who are watching for fraud offer several updates. There are third party companies, in house companies and monitoring agencies. Depending on the type of fraud, including internet sales, website misdirection, pyramid schemes and more, you can utilize various solutions. To receive your updates, choose a government, private or third party organization.

Credit Agencies

Next, credit agencies usually offer multiple fraud alert options. These alerts include statement charges, location tracking and falsified claims on your credit report. They work with the credit card companies to make sure all the information reported is legitimate. As a result, your risk of fraud is lowered. In the chance something does occur, they can notify you by phone or email.


The Federal Trade Commission is a major player in the fraud department. Regulating fair trade and communication, they provide a number of alerts about data security. They strive to limit unwanted emails and calls. Their security and protection for kids can be subscribed to. Furthermore, you can keep their information up to date by reporting any fraudulent activity. To get their latest updates, you can check out their blog or subscribe for the latest scam alerts via email.

Identity Theft Companies

An increasingly widespread risk, identity theft must be monitored carefully. You don’t want someone making purchases, opening accounts or collecting benefits under your name. To protect you in addition to credit reporting, identity theft companies will alert you if there is any activity in your name at all. This can be annoying if you are doing a lot of financial activity or already run the best Antivirus software. However, it can be very useful to ensure that you get fraud alerts on any activity not authorized by yourself.

Fake Apps

A relatively new risk, the app store has been flooded with fake apps. The apps are made with the purpose of looking like legitimate apps. However, they are made simply to steal your information, creating fake credit card apps, finance apps or gaming apps. They are a complete fraud and you can protect yourself by getting alerts from the app store. Before downloading anything, read reviews and do your research. Many business verification and scam reporting websites are working hard to ensure that everyone knows about these apps. You just have to visit them to get a few updates and avoid getting your information stolen.

To keep your information safe, it will help to sign up for fraud alerts. Depending on your lifestyle, you might have to subscribe to credit agencies, identity theft companies or technology providers. These companies will help you stay updated about your personal and business information. In many cases, fraud alerts are free so be sure to take advantage of them. ​

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