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Best Robotics Kits For Kids To Learn Coding While Having Fun

Robotics kits, like the Mover Kit, are some of the hottest kids toys of recent years. Interest in the STEM fields, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, has piqued for parents interested in preparing their children for our technology driven society and job market. If you are one of those parents looking for the best robotics kits to introduce your child to the fun, exciting world of science and technology, look no further. Here is our list of the best STEM robotics kits for kids.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

If you want to teach your kid about robotics and coding, the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot is the cutest way to do it. This robot kit is a great fit for young kids age eight and up. You can get them started in robotics, coding and making with this app controlled robot. Your son or daughter can teach their Dash robot to move, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles and react to their voice. If you want a coding robotics kit for young children, the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot is a great kit to consider.

Makeblock Starter Robot Kit

The Makeblock Starter Robot Kit is one of those STEM toys that is best suited for older children, aged twelve and up. This kit makes use of Arduino programming, an easy-to-use, open source electronic prototyping platform, offering kids useful real-world coding skills.  Your son or daughter can use the kit to build a robot tank or a three wheeled robot car, making it one of the only robot toys to offer project choices. If you have an older child who is interested in learning real programming languages, consider buying the Makeblock Starter Robot Kit instead of a less educational gaming laptop.

KidzLabs Robotic Hand Construction Kit

The 4M KidzLabs Robotic Hand Construction Kit is sure to please any young boy or girl who loves Transformers. Using this robotic hand kit, children aged 8 and up can assemble a robotic hand with fully-articulated fingers. 4M offers a whole slew of educational toys and science kits, but this one is sure to please even the most STEM-averse students. With detailed assembly instructions, your child can easily construct a robotic hand that they will never tire of playing with. If you want your kid to have a robotics kit that focuses less on coding and more on engineering, consider the KidzLabs Robotic Hand Kit.

Cubelets Robot Blocks

Cubelets Robot Blocks are one of the most customizable modular robotics kits for kids available. It is also the best robot kit for very young children, ages four and up. The robot construction system was designed to teach complex systems, design thinking and emergence. In Cubelets Six, you get one each of the drive, flashlight, distance, brightness, passive and battery blocks. In addition, you get two brick adapters to connect the Cubelets to other brick-based construction kits. Your child can join the blocks together however they like, creating all different kinds of robots with all different kinds of capabilities and features. You can even buy an additional Bluetooth Cubelet to allow them to make remote-controlled robots. If your child is very young, or you just want a modular robotics kit for a child of any age, Cubelets Robot Blocks are the way to go.

STEM toys are the hottest toys of the year, partly responsible for shrinking iPad sales, and should be for some time. If you want to buy educational toys to get your child interested in the STEM field, consider purchasing one of the top robotics kits for children mentioned above. These robot kits are not only a ton of fun, but will also teach your child important skills like coding, engineering and constructing. Who knows, you may even find that you wind up playing with these science and technology toys even more than your kids!​

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