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5 Steps To Schedule An Instagram Post

Brands and creatives use Instagram scheduling tools to boost their engagement. When app users post content at just the right time, they receive more likes. As a result, more of their followers see their posts. Instagram’s news feed algorithms are based on engagement and relevance. If your post is performing well, it will appear on more users’ timelines. However, remembering to post at the right time is often a struggle. Popular Instagram users schedule their content ahead of time to solve this issue. Increase your reach on social media by learning the steps to schedule an Instagram post below.

Choose A Scheduling Tool

Begin by choosing a social media scheduling tool. The best solutions include an auto-publish feature. This option eliminates the extra step that many tools require: publishing. Some solutions allow you to schedule your post ahead of time, but cannot publish your post for you. Instead, they send you a notification on your mobile device to remind you to post it. When you click on the notification, you can copy and paste your content to Instagram. Then, you need to click “share” yourself. This takes time and still forces you to stop what you are doing. Select a tool that auto-publishes your work so you can continue your days worry-free. Take this initial step to start scheduling posts and increase Instagram engagement.

Convert To A Business Account

After you select a quality scheduling tool, convert your Instagram account to a business profile. The social media channel does not allow personal accounts to use schedulers effectively. Fortunately, creative app users can get approved for business accounts. Simply visit the settings section in your Instagram profile. Then, find the “Switch to Business Profile” tab. The application provides you with instructions to set up a business account. Afterward, it prompts you to connect your account to a Facebook profile. Complete this step and proceed to enter personal information. Instagram asks for your business email, phone number and address. Once you complete the information, continue on to the next step for scheduling an Instagram post.

Determine The Best Time To Post

Next, discover the best time to post great Instagram ads. Determine when your followers are all online the most. More so, identify specific times in which they engage with your posts the most. Use your new business profile feature known as “Instagram Insights” to find this information quickly. Click on the bar graph icon at the top of your profile page. The app will provide you with a weekly summary. It includes how many followers you lost, how many followers you gained and your total impressions. Below that, you will find a series of graphs that you can swipe through. These graphs show you when your followers are online during each day of the week. You can also find a graph that shares your most popular days for posting. Use this information to select the best time to schedule your next Instagram image or video.

Upload A Photo Or Video To Post

The next step entails uploading a photo or video to schedule. Before you make your selection, consider the photos already on your Instagram timeline. You want to choose content that fits well together. That way, you can continue building an aesthetically pleasing page that will attract more followers. Once you choose an image that matches your current layout, click on the “Create Posts” button on your scheduler. When prompted, select the image you want to post from your photo gallery. Keep in mind that most schedulers have restrictions on content size. Ensure that your video and/or image fits within the limits. Then, move onto the last step of scheduling an Instagram post.

Draft A Solid Caption With Hashtags

Finally, draft a solid caption for your Instagram post. Since you are scheduling your content ahead of time, it can be difficult to come up with a good caption. You want it to be relevant to the day that it will be published on. Therefore, you need to think ahead. Rather than writing a caption about a snowy day that you are currently having, look into the weather on your publication day. The same goes for holidays, national holidays and local events. Once you write a relevant caption, spice it up with hashtags and mentions. Consider using Hootsuite adding hashtag streams and other convenient tools. Hashtags and mentions will drive more users to your post. Complete the entire process by clicking on the “Schedule Post” button.

In order to increase your engagement on Instagram, you need to post at the most popular times. Select a scheduling tool to avoid missing the best opportunities. Then, convert your personal Instagram page to a business account. Use the Instagram Insights feature for business profiles to determine the best posting times. Continue by uploading a photo or video to your scheduler. Lastly, draft a solid caption for your post, using hashtags and relevant mentions. Take these steps to schedule an Instagram post ahead of time.

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