Tuesday , 28 January 2020

All About Smart Ceiling Fans Technology For IoT Connected Homes

Smart ceiling fans are the next arrival from a growing smart home gadgets trend. Consumers fell in love with smart lighting and other smart home technology. Now, they are looking for the next coolest smart home gadgets to add to their arsenal. Smart fans are the latest IoT technology for mass consumption. If you are a gadget geek with all the latest smart home technology, you are sure to want to get your hands on this. Learn all about smart ceiling fans technology in the post below.

What Are They?

Smart fans are regular ceiling fans that have spectrum analyzer technology within them that tells them when to turn on and off. If you have a smart thermostat, a smart ceiling fan does pretty much the same thing. It detects temperature changes and reacts to them based on settings preset by you, the owner. These smart ceiling fans can also turn on and off based on certain scheduled you set for it, just like smart lighting. In actuality, smart fan technology is actually not all that different from most other smart home gadgets.


Just like many other internet of things devices, the top smart fans can all be controlled with an app. That of course makes it easier and more convenient for home owners. If you do not want to come home to warm house at the end of the day, just log into the app an hour before you get home and turn on your fans from the office. You can use the smart ceiling fan app to set schedules or change preferences regarding ideal temperature. Just like many other IoT gadgets, smart ceiling fans can be controlled using a mobile app for the ultimate convenience.

Smart Fan Pricing

These smart ceiling fan gadgets can range in price, just like smart garage door technology. There are some smart fans available for under $50. There are other top-of-the-line IoT connected smart ceiling fans that cost $200 and up. No matter what your financial situation, you are sure to find a smart home ceiling fan that fits within your budget. Of course, the cheaper your smart home technology, the less features and customization options it will provide. But if you just need a smart fan to cool down your house when you are out running errands, you can find a smart fan that meets those needs no matter what.

Switch VS. Fan

There are two different types of smart fan technology. The first type of smart ceiling fan tech is offered in a real ceiling fan gadget. With these types of smart ceiling fans, you will have to entirely replace your old ceiling fans with brand new smart gadgets. This is costly, but it does allow you to use the best smart home technology available. For those on a budget, there are also smart fan switches that you can simply connect your regular old fan to. These smart ceiling fan switches do not detect temperature, so you will not have those features. However, they do allow you to remotely turn things on and off from outside the home. Depending on what your smart home gadget needs are, you may find that one type of smart fans technology works better for your lifestyle.


The top smart fans are capable of integrating with a number of other top smart home gadgets and gizmos. In particular, you want to consider whether any smart fans you consider buying are compatible with Amazon Alexa gadgets, iHome accessories or the Google Home voice-controlled speaker system. Some of these types of smart home technology even integrate with other smart apps the ITTT, which stands for If This Then That, allowing you to establish rules for controlling your smart home devices. If you are going to be buying these new smart home fans that are on the market, you may want to see what type of integrations and compatibility it offers first to take full advantage of the technology.

Gadget lovers are huge fans of the rise of smart home technologies and other smart travel gadgets. We cannot blame you. The new smart ceiling fans are the latest development in regards to IoT devices for the home. Before you decide to buy them though, you want to know what they do and how they improve your home life. After this post, you now know what smart ceiling fans technology is all about. Use this post to help you figure out whether you think smart fans are worth the hype or not. Then, you can decide whether or not to add them to your smart home.

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