Thursday , 30 March 2017

Insider Look At NYC Taxi App Arro To Compete Uber And Lyft


New York City has recently launched a new taxi app that is designed to compete with popular ride sharing programs. Traditional taxi services have begun to embrace apps as the technology of the future after the booming success of app-based Uber and Lyft services. If you are a frequent taxi rider or Uber user, you may be interested in the new Arro app. Arro is the top taxi app on the market today. Exclusively, it is only used for licensed taxi cabs. To learn more about this app and what sets it apart from the Uber and Lyft apps, keep reading below.

Simple Interface

When you download Arro, this taxi app is incredibly easy to set up. Once you have entered your name and payment information you will be directed to the main screen. It is a simple GPS generated map of your location. That means you will have to reset Fitbit to get more steps later. Only two buttons are featured to help keep things from getting cluttered: In A Taxi and Need A Taxi. This makes the taxi app incredibly user friendly and easy enough for even the most old school New Yorker to figure out.

Location Based Service

Like Uber and Lyft, this taxi app is based on GPS information to determine your location and what cabs are closest to you. This is excellent news for traditional taxi users who used to spend precious time hailing cabs the old fashioned way. If you are going to an important event, like the flash memory summit, you don’t want to be late. Now, Arro allows you to bring the cabs directly to you so that you are guaranteed a ride.

Fare Pricing

One of the main features of Arro that sets it apart from ride sharing programs like Uber and Lyft is the fare pricing. The other app-based services utilize surge pricing during particularly high-traffic times such as weekends and late nights. With higher demand comes higher prices, but not with Arro. Arro promises fair pricing that never changes. The taxi fare does not go up, so you know exactly how much you can expect to pay at all times.

Automatic Tip

While Uber does not allow users to tip through the app, Arro has you covered so that you never have to swipe your card or handle cash. The tip is automatically set to 20% for each ride and added to your bill, but before paying you have the option to change the percentage. Whether you are feeling generous or had a bad experience, you will know that the t=option to tip is always up to you without any extra hassle.

In Cab Options

Finally, another great feature of the Arro taxi app is that it can be engaged even if you are already in the cab. If you hail down a taxi the traditional way but still want to pay with the app, all you have to do is pull it up and enter the four digit taxi code that is displayed in the car. You can’t do this if a 1970 Plymouth picks you up as a taxi. This will connect you automatically to that ride and Arro will handle the rest.

Arro is not the only taxi app that has popped up over the past few years. To compete with Uber and Lyft, cab services everywhere have begun to take on this technology. However, if you are interested in a reliable, user-friendly taxi app option, Arro is definitely one to take into consideration.

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