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Why Tech Insurance Policies Are A Must To Combat Cyber Breach Liability

Technology insurance comes in all different varieties. Technology companies have a whole slew of different liabilities to plan for. That is why there are many different tech insurance policies and plans. If you are the owner of a technology business, cyber liability insurance is one of the most crucial policies for you to have. Cyber liability policies protect your online business in the event of a data breach. Find out the ways these types of tech insurance protect and benefit your business in this post.

Data Breach Protections

Cyber liability insurance is also known as data breach insurance. These policies are named as such because they protect your business from data breach liability in the event that your JAD session is compromised. Your technology business needs to protect itself with data breaches. Data breaches are more common than ever. In fact in 2015 alone, there were over 2000 confirmed data breaches within the United States. There is no way to guarantee that your IT security practices are enough to stop a hacker. In the event that a data breach does occur at your business, you need to be able to combat the liability that would otherwise rest on your business. Buying cyber liability insurance plans is the only way to do this.

First Party

First party cyber liability policies protect your business in the event that your own business data is compromised. These policies help you pay the price of a costly data breach. It provides financial support in the event that your tech business is hacked. First party technology insurance policies for cyber liability help cover the costs of a data breach that many business owners do not anticipate. Things like notifying customers, monitoring business credit and creating new marketing campaigns to respond to the breach all cost a lot of money. First party data breach insurance will help you pay those costs as long as you have a policy. This is a considerable advantage your business will have over other competing tech businesses without insurance.

Third Party

Third party tech insurance policies protect your business in the event that you get sued for a data breach that did not happen to your business. These policies can come in handy if you provide clients with software or other business technologies. Your technology solutions may be the entrance point for a hacker with unsavory motivations in the future. In this event, a client may sue your business to take responsibility for the breach if you have not conducted a thorough contract review prior to the attack. A third party cyber liability insurance policy will make sure that this does not bankrupt your business or otherwise interfere with your business profits. If your tech company provides customers with vulnerable business technologies, third party data breach insurance is one way to combat potential liability issues.


Many data breach insurance policies include coaches with their services. These data breach coaches help business owners navigate through the trying times following a cyber security breach. Sometimes, these cyber breach coaches are referred to as privacy attorneys. A privacy attorney will help your business navigate the legal waters of internet privacy law. Obviously, this is a considerable benefit in today’s changing technology legislation landscape. The expertise afforded by a cyber security breach lawyer will help you minimize consequences for your tech business. That is why cyber security is one of the most important types of tech insurance plans to consider purchasing for your company.

Risk Assessments

Tech insurance companies also provide useful cyber risk assessments. The tests measure your business’s potential for cyber security breaches. The assessments make use of multiple types of testing to measure the risks found within your data security measures, as well as your network security, cartridges and supply chain management protections. The tech insurance risk assessments will help you maximize business tech security to minimize risk and potential liability for cyber attacks in the future. Buying a tech insurance policy is a wise idea if you need to determine your business risk level for potential cyber vulnerabilities. This is a considerable advantage to bettering your data and cyber security strategies.

Data breach insurance, also known as cyber liability insurance, will help protect your tech business in the event of a cyber attack. Cyber threats are increasing every year. This is why tech business owners would be wise to start looking into tech insurance policies now to protect their digital data. This way, you can lessen your potential business liabilities for tech intrusions and breaches. Consider the guide to tech insurance for cyber liability protections above. These facts and features will provide you the information you need to determine whether or not the advantages of cyber breach insurance are worth the cost. Let us know what you decide when you do.

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