Thursday , 25 February 2021

5 Tips To Develop Mobile Apps For Streaming Videos That Go Viral

Consumers love streaming videos. The data backs this up. One of the most common activities smartphone users engage in on their mobile devices is streaming videos. Of course, app developers’ ears perk up when they hear this. They want to get a piece of the action and develop the next best video streaming app for phones, like the Russell Simmons yoga app. If you feel that way, you can easily develop a video streaming app to meet user demands. But in order to make one of the best video streaming apps, you need to include certain must-have features that users prioritize. Learn what must-have features any app developed for streaming videos needs in order to entice mobile users to download the software in this post.

Social Media Integration

The best video streaming apps did not become the best without offering social media integration tools. Any top apps for streaming videos that you seek to create will need to include tools for sharing to social media platforms. After all, what is the point of live streaming video if you cannot share it with family and friends? Not all users will want to share though, of course. To account for those that do not want to share live streaming videos, make the social share tools optional instead of seeking permissions to post to users’ timelines for them. No matter what way you choose to do it, just make sure to include tools to share livestreaming videos on all social media platforms. This way, your video streaming app actually has a shot at success in the App Store and Google Play store.

Free VS. Paid

Mobile video streaming apps should definitely try to include both free and paid-for app options for users. This is one of the keys to iOS app development success. Mobile app users prefer free apps. That is why it is wise for mobile app developers to keep this in mind when developing pricing structures for a mobile app they have created. Most mobile users will tolerate ads, up to a point, in order to get app access for free. Others however, will hate the in-app adds. Those users would very much appreciate your mobile app offering a premium, ad-free app version for a flat price. In order to meet these demands, include in-app purchase features for ad-free browsing but still provide a free video streaming app version with ads. This way, your mobile live streaming app will be used by a wide-enough audience to make it to the most-popular apps chart.

Breaking News Alerts

Include features for in-app notifications and alerts. Then, use those notifications features to alert users to breaking news or live streaming video content they may enjoy based on personal preferences and video watch history. This is the best way to create a mobile video viewing app that actively engages users and viewers. Mobile users love to stay current on all the latest happenings in the news and pop culture. In order to be successful, your live streaming app for mobile devices should meet those demands for immediate updates and alerts. Make sure you include notifications and alerts features if you want to develop a mobile video streaming app that all types of mobile users go wild for.

Chatting & Messaging

Communications tools are a must-have feature when attempting to develop the best video streaming apps. Any video streaming services you offer should include chatting features and direct messaging features. This way, users can interact with one another and with live streamers and presenters alike. The communication these tools enable will further promote user engagement and provide for a more interactive app experience. The more interactive and engaging apps are, the more mobile users access and use them throughout their day. That will ultimately make your video streaming app much more popular. Make sure you offer mobile users the communications features they need for in-video chatting and in-platform direct messaging to develop a live streaming video application that takes off.

User Subscriptions

User subscriptions features should be included in all content-based apps. Video streaming apps are no different. If users like certain live streamer or content put out by a particular streaming channel, they should be able to subscribe to those videos like they can with Soundwire. That way, they receive updates and alerts regarding new video content put out by those streamers and channels. In addition, user subscription features will also entice more streamers and video content providers to access your app and establish an online presence for themselves there. Those video content producers will understand the value of subscription tools. Of course, that means they will want to capitalize on them to further their online reach and better interact with followers online. If you want to develop a video streaming app that all users, including the video producers themselves, enjoy using, include subscription features to have your app go viral.

All mobile app developers want to create an application that goes viral. But, developing viral mobile apps is not a simple undertaking. It requires knowing what users want and delivering the tools and features that respond to those desires. If you want to create a mobile video streaming app, there are five features it absolutely must have to entice users to download it. Those five mobile app features are detailed above. Be sure to include these features and tools for streaming videos and more in your mobile application. That way, all those mobile users that like streaming videos themselves, watching streamed videos or doing a little bit of both will love your mobile app and tell all their family and friends about it. Who knows, your mobile apps for streaming videos may wind up going viral if you do.

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