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5 Reasons University Hospital Offers Excellent IT Career Possibilities

University Hospital of New Jersey is one of many University Hospitals across the United States. This award-winning hospital offers an excellent place to work, not only for doctors and nurses, but also for IT professionals. These positions may even be more enjoyable than working for PCF Citrix Healthcare. Keep reading to learn why you should consider attending a University Hospital open house for information systems and technology careers.

Improving Patient Care

You can work in information systems and tech literally anywhere in the world. However, it is not everywhere that you have the chance to really impact the lives of sick patients in need of care. Working at University Hospital allows you to have a real impact on the timeliness and accessibility of patient care. This has a real effect on patients who may be in pain or otherwise suffering. If you want to improve the lives of the sick while still putting your IT skills to use, consider taking a job at University Hospital.

Impacting Doctor’s Capabilities

As an IT professional working for a hospital, you directly affect doctors’ ability to give their patients care in a timely fashion. Your work makes patient information easily accessible to doctors at all hours of the day. When something goes wrong, like it did with the Premera data breach, you will be there to come to the rescue and make sure that the doctors are able to give care to their patients swiftly with the information they need. IT work in the medical field can truly impact the ability of doctors’ to do their jobs.

Award-Winning Facilities

If you decide to work at University Hospital of New Jersey, you will be apart of an award-winning team. University Hospital NJ has earned many awards over the years. In fact, University Hospital ranks as one of the best hospitals in northern New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area overall. They have also been granted numerous awards from the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association. If you want to work at a prestigious hospital, University Hospital is the perfect place for you.

University Hospital Location

University Hospital is located in Newark, New Jersey. Newark is a multi-cultural metropolitan area. In fact, it is often referred to as the Manhattan of New Jersey. Working at University Hospital allows you access to a variety of cultural cuisines, bars and interesting activities. You will never go hungry on your lunch break with all the wonderful ethnic restaurants that surround University Hospital. The hospital is also easily accessed by train or bus, as it is right nearby Newark Penn Station. This is certainly something to consider if you are looking for an IT job in teamwork project management that is convenient and enjoyable.

Open House Information

If all of these advantages sound too good to be true, check it out for yourself at University Hospital’s Information Systems and Technology Open House. The even will be held on Wednesday, June 24th from 3:00pm to 7:00pm in the hospital’s cancer center. The University Hospital Cancer Center is located at 205 South Orange Avenue in Newark. Head to Level D in the IST training Center Atrium once you get there. You can be interviewed on the spot to start the IT career of your dreams.

If you are an IT professional, the idea of working at hospital may never have crossed your mind. However, a career at University Hospital presents a ton of advantages to information systems and technology professionals like yourself. Consider the benefits listed above, then attend the University Hospital IT open house to meet the staff, tour the facilities, enjoy some refreshments and interview for the job of your dreams right there on the spot. Good luck!

Photo from http://www.nj.com/healthfit/index.ssf/2015/12/university_hospital_gets_new_ceo_from_temple_u_med.html

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