Wednesday , 15 July 2020

5 Vehicle Wrap Design Best Practices To Create Moving Billboards

Vehicle wraps are a great way to make a brand stand out in the market. It turns an ordinary work truck or van into a moving billboard that represents your business. No other auto parts can do that. However, designing one can be daunting for a first timer. Wrapping can seem complex and costly. On top of that is always concern over whether the wrap will actually drum up business. Fear not because by following a few tips, anyone can design a vehicle wrap that will catch the consumer’s eye.

Find An Accurate Template

Before you even begin designing it is absolutely essential that you find a wrap template that will fit the vehicle you are wrapping. Most professional companies will provide you with a blueprint of the car in question, if they don’t there are many sites online where they are available. Printing wraps is expensive since they are so complex. The printing company that makes it may charge as much as $75 an hour for them. As a result mistakes can be costly to your company. Better to make them when the design is only pixels.

Keep In Mind The Audience

Designing a car wrap can be a lot of fun, but never forget your design has a purpose, just like your Twitter mentions. You should be always thinking of the target customers for the business when designing. What will appeal to them? What will repulse them? What do they associate with the service you’re providing. Remember, catching the eye is only half the battle. You have to make the viewer want become a customer too.

Keep It Big And Simple

As you design vehicle wraps, remember that you want it to stand out. The primary image or design should be recognizable even when moving at speed. Keep the visual big and basic so that people can understand it easily. The more detailed the backgrounds, the more they’ll blend in with everything else. Above all, do not use photos for images. Pick an image that is obvious to the brand, or a recognized brand trademark. Make it big and bright. That will be what catches the eye far more than something highly detailed.

The Less Words The Better

Remember most people won’t have more then about 3-5 seconds to see your wrap as the vehicle is passing. As a result, complicated text will merely be a distraction. Stick to the company name and contact information. If the vehicle is likely to be parked in places to attract customers, like a food truck, you may consider what is called a “Call to Action.” This is a proven phrase that encourages the viewer to become a customer. However, in general the less text you can put on the wrap the better.

Think About All The Ways It Will Be Seen

It is really important to remember that the vehicle you put the wrap on will still need to be a functioning vehicle. Consider where the door handles, and key locks will be located on the wrap and provide space for them. As well consider all the ways the wrap may be displayed. For example, will the wrap still do its job with the front door open? What if the viewer only sees the car from the back. It’s essential that the wrap be able to sell the product or company no matter what configuration it happens to be in.

Vehicle wraps are only as good as their design, so as designer of the wrap a lot of pressure is on you to make sure they work. However, you have nothing to fear so long as you think things through carefully. There is no need to make sure to wrap luxury cars just to get people to notice the marketing materials. From making sure the template fits the car, to how the graphics and images are displayed, every tip in this list can be followed by taking your time and making sure every step is thought through.

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