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What Are The Best Kodi Addons To Stream Media

Kodi is a free open source streaming platform that allows users to access unlimited content from every kind of device. Though stirring some controversies that have questioned the legality of this system, Kodi still remains active and well positioned as the main source of entertainment for those who don’t want to spend extra money on cable or paid TV streaming services.

On the same token, the main reason that allows Kodi to be Kodi, is the simplicity of the system which allows all kinds of addons to be added as long as they’re written in a language supported by the platform. So, it is important to understand that the value in terms of content and quality is represented by those extensions.

Here are some great addon options for Kodi, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of this system without falling short of possibilities.

Best Addons for TV Series and Movies

As there are many options here are the top 10 addons to access for free an infinite variety of TV shows and Movie options

  • Exodus (Offers the most complete variety of TV content)
  • Placenta (Exodus and Covenant fork that offers a whole kids and fitness section)
  • Neptune Rising (Exodus duplicate that offers the best user-friendly navigation available)
  • Lol (An addon that fits perfect for comedy lovers)
  • The Magic Dragon (It has a variety of movies and TV shows as well as a whole section of popular content)
  • The Resistance (Is part of the official Kodi repository and it offer support from the Kodi team)
  • Fantastic Hd (Mainly focused on movies, this is a great option for movie lovers)
  • Numbers (A very reliable addon with a lot of links for streaming movies and TV shows)
  • Specto Fork (Evolution of the old Genesis that gives a list to choose the best server)
  • Poached (Covenant fork with reliable sources)

Best Addons for Live TV

Live streaming is also an important variety especially for special events like sports or concerts, here are our top 3 options:

  • The Players Klub (IPTV addon that plays live streams of USA and IPTV channels)
  • Mobdro (Compatible for Android apps that has live streams)
  • USTVnow (Comes with a Lineup option that allows you to categorize the content by channel with information on current shows and upcoming events)

Best Addons for Kids

If you happen to have little ones around your house, here are the best addons for kids shows and movies:

  • Kids Tube (Offers a great variety of content for the whole family)
  • Cartoons 8 (Great for watching both cartoon and animes)

Best Addons for Fitness

If you are a fitness fan don’t worry about being left out, there are also great options for fitness technology addons:

  • Ares Fitness (Wide variety of workout videos to get yourself into shape)
  • Pulse Fitness (Covers a wide variety of fitness topics)

Best Addons for Music

If you’re a music lover, here is the best music addon with the most complete variety of music styles.

MP3 Streams (Complete compilation that goes from latest albums to classic albums)

Best Addons for Anime

Anime fan? There are addons designed exclusively for anime lovers.

  • Cypher 9Anime (Features anime content for films and different sub-genres)
  • Funimation (Offers the most complete and ad free content for anime series and movies)

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