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Where To Buy 2 Way Radios For Efficient Worksite Communication

motorolasl300Today we live in a world where everything is digital, or on the verge of being digital. We are surrounded by the latest technology, including games, TVs, cell phones, tablets and more. Heck, we even have digital worlds now. As time goes on, it gets harder to think back to a time of analog technology with VCRs and radios. I mean, really, at, should we be talking about such old technology? Maybe, just maybe, we have to…

Sometimes the best advancements are built upon older technology. Actually, many of the technologies we use today are not crazy futuristic revelations. That is why many people have to learn how to unbrick iPhone after all. These new developments are actually a combination of existing technology to improve a process, product or device.

2 Way Radios Are Still Used

Despite common belief, 2 way radios are still in use in a variety of settings and industries because they are much more reliable and efficient than your iPhone 7s. For example, two way radios are often used by maintenance professionals to communicate with one another while managing their daily responsibilities. In addition, Motorola two way radios can be used for outdoors activities like hiking, or when attending music festivals where phones are often out of service. Motorola Talkabout radios are the best two way radios for performance and provide useful backdoors to communication. Find out about them below.

Motorola SL300

Keeping this in mind, Motorola announced a new two way radio UHF or VHF, called the Motorola SL300 available at Amerizon Wireless (not to be confused with Verizon Wireless). By focusing on integrating improving an older technology, like two way portable radios, an older industry like radio communications equipment still has opportunity for innovation. It offers a much more reliable communications solution for those times when slow internet is impeding operations. Another example of opportunity for innovation, within the radio market, is ham radio solar technology. But, perhaps we’ll have to cover that in another post.

New Features

Introducing this new, analog and digital two way uhf radio, Motorola has many ISPF features to boast about. With an available USB mini port for charging, how many people can say they’ve used that technology in the radio. It also has a active view display built into the handheld device. Meaning, it’s hard to break. Also, it can be used on both digital and analog frequencies.

Some of the other additional features are:

  •  New patented antenna design
  • Customized color cords to identify the radios
  • Multi-unit battery chargers
  • Enhanced range for communication
  • Overall more durable design protection

Two Way Radio Performance

When was the last time you remember using a regular radio? Maybe, back when cell phone company called Nextel had walkie-talkies and citizen journalists of all kinds used them, but some of you might not even remember that. Whether or not this will be a big seller for Motorola will remain to be seen. Considering the competitive technology to communicate and share with those around you, these seem to be more of commercial 2 way radios. Oh yea, and they sell for around $450. That’s about the same price of an unlocked Iphone 5C on the open market right now.

Places To Buy

If you are looking for 2 way radios for business or personal use, there are many places you can purchase the devices. Amazon, Walmart and REI are just three of many retailers that sell 2 way radios. Amazon offers you the advantage of being able to view user reviews while you shop. However, a place like REI may be better suited to answer any questions you have. If you are hoping to purchase in bulk for your IT jobs, you may want to reach out to another company directly. The 2 way radio retailers mentioned above probably will not provide helpful bulk pricing. If you need to buy 2 way radios for work or just for fun, consider the retailers mentioned above.

Discount Two Way Radios

If you want to buy discounted two-way radios, there is a place on the web specifically for this purpose. The website DiscountTwo-WayRadio is the perfect place to buy professional two-way radio solutions that will not cost you an arm and a leg. This company works with top delivery companies, so you will never have to worry about a late shipment. You can also sign up for their e-newsletter to gain access to even more discounts and coupons. You can buy radios, batteries, accessories, callboxes and PA’s from their site. No matter what you need for your business communications, has a solution for you.

In any case, the new hand held radios are proving that just like fashion, technology can come back in style. But, if you’re thinking people are going to have these next to their office computers, well, probably not. Free conference calling still wins out as the most popular form of business communications technology.

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