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How Digital Display Advertising Is Helping Marketing Move Forward

New York is known for many things. At first thought, most people will think of the George Washington Bridge, Empire State building and of course, Time Square. These site seeing points have been New York attractions for decades.

However, New York is constantly improving and moving forward. It is one of the most lively cities in the world because of the high energy people that live, work and play there. Today, New York is also home to the freedom tower, a growing silicon alley (New York’s burgeoning digital technology scene) and now, the world’s largest billboard too.


Located in the heart of New York City, Times Square welcomes the new Billboard that has over 25 million pixels. It spans the length of an entire city block with 25,000 sq ft of space. And, get this, it can cost $2.5 Million to occupy per month. Need to grab attention in the brightest, most digitally displayed part of New York? This new screen clearly stands out to anyone walking by (estimated 300,000 people per day according to big data analytics).

First Digital Display Advertisement

Of course, it would only befitting that one of the largest corporations in the U.S. would advertise on America’s largest digital display billboard. You could probably guess a few companies, particularly those selling Twitter accounts. But, it is the big G who had the space as the first advertiser on the giant display, Google. They will be paying an estimated $4 Million to occupy the display through the holidays.

Importance Of Standing Out

In the most competitive spaces, it is important to stand out. This billboard does just that in of the most competitive spaces on earth without the need for digital insight. Next time you are taking a walk in Time Square, be sure to look out for the new billboard on the Marriott Marquis.

It would be hard to go much larger than this. But if we did, it would have to be a place larger than an entire city block. Would it be in the air? On a larger building (one that spans many blocks)? Or, perhaps it will be released in China or Japan? Please let us know where you think the next big digital display will be unveiled.

Another Form Of Digital Display Advertising

Digital display advertising has evolved to now include the digital ads that web browsers see on various websites and social media platforms. These are quickly becoming the most vital tools in the marketing toolbox, since anyone with a good smartphone can see them. With so much of the world going digital, digital display ads are becoming the best way to reach the largest audience possible. They also present the opportunity for ads that are tailored to viewers that are more likely to have interest in them. Targeted digital ads have much better returns on investment because users are much more likely to engage with them. It is important not to forget this popular, useful form of digital display advertisements.

Ad Blocking Difficulties

Unfortunately for digital display advertising professionals, ad blocking is on the rise. Even eye tracking technology cannot solve this problem. Over the last year, ad blocking services grew by 41% globally. Clearly, this is not just a problem for advertisers in America. It is a problem for digital advertisements worldwide. This presents an issue for companies looking to capitalize on the rise of internet advertising. Online advertising will have to find a solution to this problem. However, it is important to remember that this method is still effective.

Digital Display vs. Search Advertising

Many of the most influential business and marketing professionals are still engaged in a debate about whether business capital would be better allocated to digital display advertising or search advertising. However, in recent months it has become clear that search ads, say those for digital camera uses, could have a much bigger impact than digital display ads. Internet marketing research has recently found that the effects of search engine ads are much more long lasting than display advertisements when it comes to consumer impact. In addition, display ads push customers further into the conversion funnel, which will increase the price you pay for pay-per-click advertising. This makes it offer less value for your buck. Keep this in mind when considering whether digital display ads or search advertisements are better for your marketing purposes.

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