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Rejection Phone Numbers To Let Someone Down Without Confrontation


Dealing with creeps at the bar or strangers pestering you for a date is worse than slow internet. A rejection phone number is a fake number that can be given out to everyone from creeps in a bar to an old friend that you did not actually want to keep in touch with. Since the original rejection hotline, rejection phone numbers have grown wildly popular. If you want to learn more about the innumerable rejection phone numbers available for use, check out this guide to using them effectively!

Available by State

Since the Original Rejection Hotline, a 212 number that was created as a last resort for those who can’t take a hint, rejection phone numbers have expanded to include numbers from all around the world! Numbers can be found for Germany, Australia and every state in the U.S. Some rejection phone numbers are even available with area codes specific to cities like New York and L.A. However, if you can’t find a fitting area code fear not! The creators of rejection phone numbers have thought about that, too: simply tell the person you’re rejecting that you moved recently and haven’t changed your number yet. With careful planning like that, how could you not be impressed by these rejection phone numbers?

Variety of Messages

In addition to the extensive amount of numbers available, rejection phone numbers also come with a variety of message options. Rather than giving them a random number like the lifelock number, these hotlines range from funny to downright mean. Some companies, such as the God of War Secret Easter Egg line or the Guardians of the Galaxy ‘I Am Groot’ line err on the side of hilarious with harmless messages from their respective characters that are guaranteed to give the reject a chuckle. Still, others like the original rejection hotline, don’t exactly let the guy down easy. Be sure you know which phone number you’re dolling out – if you don’t want to be mean, stick with the funny ones.

Loser Line

If the basic rejection lines are not clear enough, there is a loser line at 206-569-5829 that will directly reject people. The rejection phone number allows the caller to leave a message. Then, the message could be featured on radio stations in Seattle. While this might be super embarrassing, it could help for those creeps who are very hard to get rid of and just do not know how to take a hint.

Rejection Hotline

Another one of the most popular rejection phone numbers is the original – the Rejection Hotline from Beeline services. The Rejection Hotline 2.0 has upgraded their service and now features a new message. Once the creep you gave the number to calls, they will hear a message that states “Hello! This is not the person you were trying to call. You’ve reached The Rejection Hotline because the person who gave you this number did not want you to have their real number.” While other rejection hotlines may be a bit cruel, the original Rejection Hotline takes a gentle approach to denying someone’s advances.

Media Involvement

Rejection phone numbers have gotten so big that the media has gotten in on it. One radio station in Seattle, MOViN 92.5, set up their own Loser Line. The number is connected to a voice message system, allowing the station to broadcast the messages left by those who charmed their way right into rejection. They even post the messages online in a podcast format so you can go back and listen to some old (and hilarious) voice mails! Be careful with handing out popular numbers like that, though: what happens if the guy knows about the Loser Line segment?!

Now Available As Texts

Rejection phone numbers have gotten so popular that they are now being made available through text! Now, sites like Text Reject are popping up along with other namespaces. These sites follow the same premise as rejection phone numbers for voice mail, only that rejection is delivered through a cold, impersonal text instead. The variety of text messages available isn’t as vast, but it doesn’t seem like rejection phone numbers are going out of use any time soon, so surely they will continue to add new options.

Now that you know all about rejection phone numbers, you can finally take a chance and put one into use the next time you are left stuck with an uncomfortable proposition that makes you wish meteorites would shower down on you and get you out of the awkward situation.  Or, maybe you will just share these fun facts with your friends. Either way, rejection phone numbers are a hot topic, and now you have got the scoop.

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