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New Advertising Technology Trends Revolutionize Consumer Interaction

Advertising technology, also known as ad tech, encompasses all technical solutions for delivering, displaying, targeting and controlling online ads. Technology has changed the way in which advertisers interact with consumers today. If you are part of a corporation that relies on finding new ways to connect with customers, you may be interested in advertising technology. To learn more about today’s ad tech trends and how they may effect advertising in the future for delivery companies and all types of businesses, keep reading below.

Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is one of the most notable trends in advertising technology. Consumers are using their phones to shop now more than ever, including products, gadgets and their IT resumes. Smartphone users continue to rise and that means more shoppers. Advertisers are taking advantage of this by producing short videos made for one-the-go consumption, and this trend is something to latch on to. Shorter videos are proven to do better, especially on a mobile platform. If you are a corporate user interested in trends in advertising technology, you should definitely keep an eye on mobile shopping.

Omni-Channel Marketing

There are so many different ways that consumers get their news nowadays. That is why omni-channel marketing is now one of the biggest digital advertising trends. Omni-channel marketing is the strategy of providing a seamless experience across all of the different channels consumers use. That includes websites with and without ICANN domain names, mobile apps, retargeting ads, etc. If you want to have the best advertising tactics imaginable, omni-channel marketing strategies are a must.

Chatbots And AI

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are becoming the new big thing in digital advertising. Consumers are using messaging platforms like WhatsApp more and more, which means that they are the perfect place to advertise. Utilizing chatbots who can answer customer questions with immediacy and accuracy may be the way of the future for connecting with your customers. Customers may be more drawn to your products if you can provide them with information through these messaging systems.


Advertising has been trending towards personalization for quite some time now. Similar to VMware partner customizations, the latest development in advertising technology has brought this strategy to a new level. Advertisers can acquire information about their consumers in new and unique ways. Some ad tech allows you to track consumer’s eye movements when they view an advertisement, while others can examine brain waves to understand how they react to a commercial in real time. Using this technology in focus groups of potential customers can be an excellent option for gaining new information.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is becoming a new avenue for advertising. Recent developments with apps Pokemon Go and Snapchat are making this a viable option for companies to reach their customers, unlike promiscuous mode. Augmented reality uses different devices to place information, images and other items as if they were in the real world. This trend is in its beginning stages, with companies like Gatorade creating their own Snapchat filter. However, in the near future this is expected to be a popular ad tech option.

Digital Entertainment

Finally, the last development in advertising technology is the rise of digital entertainment. With subscription services like Netflix becoming more popular, consumers are reducing their exposure to traditional cable advertising. Instead, advertisers are beginning to develop new ways to reach them through these online platforms with video editing software. If you are a corporate user interested in advertising technology trends, you definitely want to look out for digital entertainment solutions.

Advertising technology continues to develop and change over time. These new trends are likely to alter the advertising business as a whole. Digital entertainment and mobile technologies are becoming the best way to reach consumers. Be sure to refer back to this post the next time you are looking for new advertising technology solutions.

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