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How To Access Google Timeline To Edit Saved Location Tracking Entries


Last year, Google Maps introduced a timeline map. This feature allows users to revisit their travels from any given day. In this post, Internet users can learn five exciting features of Google Maps Timeline and how to utilize them.

How To View Your Timeline

Understanding how to view your Google timeline is the first thing necessary to utilizing these features to your benefit. It is not as simple as it is to reset Fitbit devices. In order to view or edit your Google timeline, you are going to want to open Google Maps. Make sure you are using the same account as the one you use on your mobile device. Click “Menu” in the top left corner of the window. Then, click on “Your Timeline.” Now, you can access your Google timeline and view each days information or edit whatever you need.


This is not the first time Google has tested a timeline map feature. Google Latitude, Google’s old version of Timeline, allowed users to share their location information with others. However, this lack of privacy turned off users and Latitude has since shut down. With Timeline, personal information is unable to be shared. The goal of timeline is for users to see where they have personally traveled, which is why the privacy of timeline has been updated.

Looking Back

For some users, the timeline map serves as a fun way to look back on places you have missed. It allows you to remember the names of favorite restaurants and stores you may have visited. This may be one of the more exciting features of Google Timeline map, and one of the more positive ways in which devices impact relationships. Users can walk down memory lane and rediscover delicious Italian restaurant they went to or remember what hotel they stayed at while traveling.


Timeline pairs with users’ Google Photos accounts to connect pictures into the timeline. One writer who used Timeline was a fan of the photos feature, since the pictures allowed him to further associate with the places he had been. He wrote that it, “reminded [him] of a lot of great memories.” Although photos could add an element to your Timeline, they can be easily deleted by checking the right-hand corner of the photo.


Internet users are not obligated to keep Google Map’s Timeline feature, just as SmartsOps services are not required by all business owners.. Although it is entertaining to use Timeline, you may not want Google to have as much information on you. Users can delete a place visited, an entire day, or all location history. Google Support provides users with concise instructions of how to delete any information.


Timeline map was originally only available for desktop and Android users. Now, Google has made its Timeline accessible on the Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad users. Apple users can check out Google Support for information on how to set up and edit their Timelines.

Turning Off Location History

Of course, if you do not want Google Maps’ timeline to track your location history at all, you can do a few things. First, you can sign out of Google Maps. This stops Google from associating anything with your account. Secondly, if you do sign into your Gmail or Google Mail account, then you can turn off the setting under “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Location”. Furthermore, you can delete any stored location data that Google has captured. Any of these options are an easy way to turn off the Map timeline from tracking your location history.

The Timeline feature of Google Maps timeline has many benefits for Internet users. You can revisit the past in a simple, amusing way, while still maintaining your privacy. Also, users can edit and delete features of their Timelines to increase privacy even further. Timelines may be created for those who have never used Google Maps. To access your timeline, go to google maps -> timeline.

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