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5 Important Linux vs Windows Hosting Differences For Web Development

Web developers have to make an informed decision when it comes to picking a hosting solution when they want to start a blog or build some other type of website. That is why it is so important to understand the differences between Linux vs Windows hosting accounts. Keep reading below to learn the differences between Linux hosting and Windows hosting. This way, you can make the best choice to simplify the process of building and managing a website.


Typically, Linux servers offer more customization options than Windows servers. This is handy for web developers, like you. However, if you are not yet that skilled in web development, this may not matter as much. Regardless, the customization capabilities afforded by Linux servers is one of the main differences of Linux vs Windows hosting.


Both Windows hosting and Linux hosting offer PHP and MySQL compatibility. However, web developers know that these two languages are best used together. This combination of PHP and MySQL works much better on Linux. The Linux OS is tailored to work best for use with this combination. The same cannot be said of Windows servers. This is an important difference to note if you plan to use MySQL and PHP together.


More and more, Linux is becoming the hosting solution of choice for web developers like yourself. Linux is slightly more popular than Windows hosting. This is probably due to the affordability it provides. Windows is slightly more expensive than Linux hosting, and you may still have to install Mamp for WordPress after paying more money. This is just one reason that it is the more popular choice in Linux vs Windows hosting.


Some developers believe that Linux servers offer better security than Windows servers. Others argue that their security levels are comparable. Regardless of which is better, you should keep in mind that the two utilize different IT security strategies. If security is of utmost concern for you, you may wish to learn more about the intricacies surrounding Linux security vs Windows security. This way, you can prepare for cyberattacks to the fullest extent possible. Otherwise, the differences between Linux vs Windows hosting for security are negligible.

Control Panels

Windows servers and Linux servers utilize different control panels. Linux hosting solutions can be managed through cPanel. This is a program many developers are familiar with. Windows, on the other hand, is managed by Plesk. You may want to consider this in your decision if you prefer one control panel software over the other.

These are the main differences you will need to consider when you are deciding between Linux vs Windows hosting. Linux OS servers tend to be the more popular choice amount web developers. However, there are still some unique characteristics of Windows OS servers that many developers can benefit from. Consider the differences of Linux and Windows servers above to help you make the best decision possible for your web hosting solution.

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