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Custom LG Watch Features Deliver On Promises For Consumers

We recently did a post on LG, featuring their most popular phone, the G3. In that post, we talked about the headlines that had surfaced around the phone, being one of the best phones for Android. But, has LG done it again? Or, have they done even better than before?

Wearable technology is hot right now. Even the best headphones cannot compete with the trend. Companies are competing hard to capture the market. Samsung struck first with Samsung Gear Smartwatch. It was cool, futuristic, but highly standard. Next, everyone look to Apple for the anticipated iWatch, Apple’s own smartwatch product. However, consumers were only given promises this fall, not deliveries. Let’s dive in a take a look at the newly released LG smartwatch.


LG has delivered. On November 19th, LG’s own smartwatch, the G Watch R, hit stores for T-Mobile customers. Released just days before availability, there was far less waiting, increased sales and way more fun!


Powered by Android. The G Watch R was powered by Android Wear and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2GHz. Yeah, it handled some great functionality. We’ll get to that below.


Classic or Customized. Probably the most attractive feature of all, it’s looks! The G Watch R actually looked like a classic watch with great design. The circular design give it a timeless appeal, unlike the Apple Watch sales. However, it also had over 18 different customizable watch faces that can be combined with any 22mm wrist strap for endless options.


P-OLED Display. If you are a fan of the LG G2, G3 or note phones, you know that LG has great displays. Their first smartwatch was no exception. The display transitioned from a classic watch face to digital display on command.


New Functions. In addition to the popular wrist features like weather, navigation, Google search, messaging, etc. The LG G Watch R also featured fitness tracking and MP3 music uploads. You could finally get into shape and listen to your favorite music right from your watch.

We were very excited for the release of LG’s first smartwatch, priced at $299, in 2014. It was interesting to see how consumers responded and how the smart watch actually performed.

The New LG Watch

There is now another LG watch on the market. After the success LG had experienced with its other top smartwatches, it only made sense to continue mobile engagement development to gain even more satisfied customers. The second edition LG Watch Urbane LTE is the newest smartwatch to hit the market, and it has not disappointed. This LG smartwatch does not even require you to carry a smartphone with you. Instead the watch itself is enabled with LTE technology, so you can communicate on the go without every reaching into your purse or briefcase for your actual cell phone. While some users claimed the watch was not as comfortable or easy-to-wear as previous LG smartwatches, the LTE capabilities more than make up for a little bit of discomfort. Remember the old saying, “beauty is pain”? Well now, technology is pain. We think the LG Watch Urbane Second Edition LTE is well worth it.

LG Watch Sport

The newest LG watch, the LG Watch Sport is perfect for active tech lovers. The smart watch comes with a high-performance strap, GPS tracking, cellular connectivity and a heart rate sensor. The only thing it cannot do is manage the enterprise supply chain for you. You can use the GPS and heart rate sensor for tracking workouts with the accompanying Google Fit app. This is, according to some, the most powerful Android Wear watch. If you are a thrill seeker or exercise junkie, the LG Watch Sport is the fitness tracker/smartwatch for you.

No Need For Fitbits

The LG Watch Urbane has the added benefit of lessening the clutter of devices on your wrist. With the LG watch, you no longer need to wear a fitness tracker because the watch performs these functions too! No need to reset Fitbit anymore. You can stay on track with your health goals by using the built-in heart rate sensor. This is the same technology used on the top fitness tracking devices. If you want to keep track of your fitness and post Facebook statuses without having to wear multiple wearable technology devices, get a LG Watch Urbane.

Are you a fan of the new G Watch R? Tell us what you think in the comments below. We would love to hear your favorite part of this new wearable technology.

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