Monday , 26 February 2024

4 Unified Communications Trends That Are Changing The Workforce

Are you looking to improve your business’s workflow efficiency while still maintaining low costs? Everyone knows that technology grows business, and this is also true when it comes to this task. By implementing unified communications throughout your business, both managers and employees alike can benefit from more flexible work schedules and BYOD arrangements, which have both been shown to increase productivity across the board.

What Is Unified Communications?

UC is known as the combination of tools that allow all communications to occur on one platform, in real-time and simultaneously through open systems. This type of communication, also known as Synchronous communication, allows people in different locations to communicate at the same time across one software platform regardless of what device is being used.

How Is It Used?

If you are wondering how unified communications are used and in what capacity, you are thinking too small. The ability to communicate with someone through multiple outlets is a universal desire in today’s day. Just look at the many ways in which you can communicate with your friends – Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, SMS and many more. However, most often the term unified communications refers to those solutions tailored for the business sector to improve workplace collaboration and communication. The ability to streamline communications between employees in order to make a decision quicker, say one regarding the choice between Leadpages vs Unbounce, is a huge development.

While such an investment may seem relatively costly up front, it actually decreases total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to constantly invest in new hardware with each new hire, much like ToDoist premium. Employees can now access everything they need wherever they go and can make well-informed decisions regardless of their location. Leveraging cloud-based communication can help businesses prepare for any events that could potentially compromise operations and lead to time and money wasted. For more information on how unified communications is changing the workforce, check out the infographic below:


Unified Communications Trends

There are a number of rising trends in the unified communications sector. These trends have been on the rise, and are helping to improve the efficiency of unified communications even further. These trends include cloud-based UC, mobile UC, video and WebRTC. If you want to dive into the world of unified communications, get in on these trends now and start whiteboarding all the ways in which you can use it to improve business operations.

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