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Why Buy The Most Expensive Headphones From $1,500 To $120,000

Some of us listen to music casually. Others like to have good quality sound. However, there’s a small group of specialized listeners that take their headphones very seriously. These include the headphones that are used in studios and for truly great quality listening experiences.

There are several benefits to having expensive headphones. Once you’ve gotten over the cost of the actual hardware, listening experience is quite different. Although, we have listed the best headphones under $100, the higher price points do have attractive benefits.

Voice Canceling Features

With higher pricing, the technology gets better and more advanced. Many high-end headphones feature a microphone and circuit that actually cancel out external noises. As you go up in price, the noise canceling quality also improves. Eventually, it might not be able to hear anything even when the music is off!

Bluetooth Features

As we continue down the trend of wireless everything, Bluetooth is also being integrated into headphones. However not all Bluetooth is made equally. Thus, to maintain high-quality sound while using Bluetooth, there is a price to be paid.

Better Hardware

I am pricing get two better quality materials in your headphones. While designs may also have more style, earbuds, cable and magnet materials all contribute to a better experience, just as overclocking CPU practices improve any computer.

Quality Drivers

Usually, headphones have a driver to that helps produce sound. When you decide to purchase a higher and headphone, you end up with higher-quality drivers, multiple drivers or both. This way, you will have the full range when working on Adobe soundbooth.  These drivers can make a huge impact on the sound and clarity of your digital audio experience.

Weight and Fit

As everything gets smaller and lighter, including Walmart phones, it becomes increasingly expensive to fit better quality ingredients into the product. By paying more, you’ll find that not only are your headphones lighter but they are also better fitting. Usually, with lower-priced headphones, sound quality and listening experience is lowered to achieve an ideal weight or fit. However, there would be no sacrificing here.

But What Pair Are Most Expensive?

Hands down, the most expensive pair of headphones are the Sennheiser Orpheus over-ear headphones. These luxury headphones are priced at a whopping $50,000! That is definitely an outrageous sum to pay, even for the best headphones in the world. In addition to the pair’s high quality sound features, the materials used to craft these high-end headphones are only the best. The earphones holder is created out of marble and ivory, which is certainly luxurious even though it may not be eco-friendly. The electronic components are entirely luxury as well, being created out of solid gold and quartz class. Would you pay fifty grand for the best on-ear headphones? Surely there is someone out there who would, or else they would not have been made.

Sennheiser Dethroned

The Sennheiser Orpheus headphones are tragically no longer the most expensive headphones in the world. A pair was recently unveiled at the CES 2017 broke technology news, the Consumer Electronics Show. A company by the name of Tournaire released a pair of headphones that cost over double the cost of the previous most expensive headphones, at $120,000. The Focal Utopia headphones are 18-carat gold mounted and feature six-carat diamonds. You would have to barter technology that is seriously sought after to trade someone for these. If you want luxury, the world’s most expensive headphones, the Tournaire Focal Utopia headphones, are the ones for you.

Affordable Expensive Headphones

If you are not able to afford the most expensive headphones, there are still high-end options in the $1500-$3000 price points. These high end headphones will give you nano-thin designs that still deliver a strong base and wide range of mid and high sounds. At a $3,000 price point, you can still have some of the best headphones on the market. This would still be one of the most expensive headphones available on the market.

You can find a pair of headphones for just about anything you want to spend. Especially with wireless earbuds gaining popularity, more options are entering the high end headphone market. There is a point where you get what you pay for and the value does diminish after some point. However, that is not always a concern to everyone. One last benefit to mention is the increased support for high paying customers. To some people, that means a whole lot more than cost.

Either way, there are plenty of benefits to high-end headphones. Just make sure that you’re ready to take care of your purchase. No one wants to lose a pair of $400 headphones.

Please let us know if you’ve already purchased an expensive pair of headphones. Do you think it is worth it? We would love for you to share with us and our readers.

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