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8 Insane Benefits Of Native Mobile Apps On Individual Platforms

native-appsWe recently covered the different types of mobile app platforms, and their pros and cons. Clearly, native apps have several advantages. Once you get over the fact that people have to actually download and install your app, the usability and function options are greatly increased. In this post, will be talking about the advantages of developing a native mobile app.

Typically, native mobile apps are more expensive to develop than regular web apps. This is due to the cost of developing on individual platforms for either iPhone, Android or both. To justify these increased costs, most companies or individuals promise a better experience for users.

Great For Gaming

This allows for regular updates, and offline play. Without having the ability to play offline, the gaming experience becomes quite reliant on streaming Internet connectivity, becoming susceptible to sluggish load times. For interactive, well designed app games, native app development is most popular of all.

Development Process

The app development process is different for mobile apps and web apps. With native web app development, there are problems in mobile web browser differences. Each mobile browser has unique features and complications to account for. This makes mobile apps a much better option if you anticipate mobile users accounting for a majority of app users.

Photos And Videos

Native apps are perfect for photos and videos because of the high resource usage of the files. It is also preferred due to the easy integration directly with the phone camera. This integration with is simply not as easily available with a mobile web application and DNS Made Easy.

More Power For Data

If you have an app that needs to process a lot of data, like calculations or reports, native apps would be better. This is because of the increased processing power from the device. iFax is one app that would not be nearly as useful as a web app. For power users, this is a must. Nobody wants to wait for their data to load.

Increased Gesture Options

With native apps, there are more options to use gestures like pinch and spread for your users. This allows you to have more navigable screen layouts and functionality. Anyone, who knows how to use a mobile device, will appreciate the extra swipe actions.

Using Geolocation

With native apps like Telcan, your users have the ability to use the geolocation built into the mobile device. This is great for apps which allow users to tag their location or find another location. On the company side, it also provides context for mobile advertisements to target their users.

More Storage

Using the local mobile device, native apps have the ability to use more storage on the device. This provides increased capacity to users. Most users will not notice the increase storage, but the increased experience overall.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are extremely noticeable and only available with native apps like Soundwire. This exclusive feature is probably the most helpful for your app. Since notifications are so noticeable on mobile devices, your app will be more likely to engage users more frequently. Just don’t over do it!


Native applications have another benefit for both your potential customers and your bottom line. When you create a native mobile app, you are making your application easy to find in the chosen app store. Even if you use obfuscated code, your mobile app will be easily searchable and may also be featured on the front page of the app store. This allows potential clients the advantage of being able to easily find your app, which increases their likelihood of downloading. If you make it to the front page, it also acts as free marketing for your app, and you cannot beat that.

Native App Speed

Adding to the benefits of native mobile apps, the speed of native is hard to compete with. Since the delay of just .1 seconds can impact user performance, you may want to consider using native mobile apps. They allow you to maximize hardware resources and get the highest speeds for your app. Certainly, if you want to compete with companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat, you should be thinking about the speed benefits of mobile apps.

Native apps are great for overall user experience and increased engagement. Although they do cost more to develop, the benefits of native can definitely outweigh the costs. Using a top app creation platform may help to lower those costs. Either way, as long as your app is unique and purposeful, you stand a chance of success.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments below. We would love to hear any more advantages of native apps that you may have experienced. Your response is greatly appreciated.

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