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Slow Internet Fixes To Diagnose And Improve Browsing Speeds Easily


You are tired of the slow internet speeds. You can not take waiting for another webpage to load. You just want to get what you need done online and get on with your day. But, you are stuck waiting for each click to load the next item. Ten minutes later, you have finally checked your bank account.

At one point or another, we have all been there. You might not be sure what is wrong. However, your internet did work fast at one point. Now, it could not be worse. What is the problem?

Before we get started with the common fixes of slow internet speeds, you should read our post How Increase Internet Speed Easily For Free to make sure these solutions are necessary. Once you have read the post, which will cost you almost nothing (not accounting for your time and effort), please continue with the following fixes.

Warning: if you try the following without reading this post, you could be missing out on a completely easy and free solution.

So, you have read our previous post on increasing internet speed for free easily. However, your internet service provider (ISP) is on top of their game. They are getting you the proper bandwidth and internet speeds. The problem is not on their end. What can you do to solve your slow internet problem? Here are the common fixes:

Test Where Speed Loss Is Occurring

Identify where the speed loss is happening using a DNS speed test. First, you want to see where the speed is being lost. You have already ruled out your ISP coverage. You will want to narrow it down to your cables, WiFi or local computer system. To find where the speed loss is occurring, plug your computer directly into the modem (using an ethernet cable). Test your internet speed. Is it the same? You may want to check your cables. Is it faster than before? If so, then your WiFi is the problem. If not, your computer could be the problem.

Configure MTU Settings

If your slow internet is caused by your broadband router, there is a quick fix for that. Slow internet caused by your router usually stems from improper MTU configurations. Check suggested router settings from the router manufacturer and your internet service provider, or ISP. Then, make sure your router settings match those suggested requirements. If this does not work, you may need to try one of the solutions below. Q

Poor Internet Cables

To fix bad cables, the solution is quite simple. You will not need an Oracle certification to identify and fix the problem. First, make sure they are all tightened properly. Secondly, replace your old cables for new ones.

Slow WiFi Speeds

To fix slow WiFi speeds, you have a few options. If your router is dated, you may see a performance boost from swapping out a new router for the old one. If your internet works faster when closer to the router, you may want to pick up an WiFi extender to increase the WiFi reach (and speed within that reach). Finally, you can check out the WiFi speeds for your adapters (on the local computers) to upgrade the reception speeds.

Slow Computer System

To fix a slow computer system (usually a windows operating system), you could be bogged down by bloatware, adware, malware, viruses, etc. But, do not panic! It is an easy fix if you just follow through. If you are seeing many pop ups, additional ads or toolbars, this could very well be the problem. As a solution, run the antivirus program, Microsoft Security Essentials. It will help you identify and remove these problems. For mac operating systems, you will want to check resource monitor to see if there are programs running in the background and consuming your bandwidth usage, slowing your internet speed.

Get Rid Of Plug-Ins And Apps

If you have ruled out hardware as the cause of your lagging internet, the best quick fix is to get rid of any unnecessary plug-ins or applications that may be hogging bandwidth. This fix may shock you by how quickly it can give your internet speeds a boost. There is one extension that you should certainly download, however. Consider using some sort of adblock software on your web browser. These adblock programs will prevent seedy websites from taking all your bandwidth for pop ups and video ads. These quick fixes should definitely improve your slow internet issues.

Once you have identified where the Internet speed is being lost on your cool tech, you can work on the solution for either your cables, WiFi or computer system. After you have tried implementing the solutions, test your internet speed to compare the first test. If the problem is fixed, you should see a significant increase in speed.

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