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Top Cloud Computing Companies For Enterprise Integration Services

The top cloud computing companies are fighting for billions in market share. While we are seeing a shift towards hybrid cloud computing, these companies are servicing all parts of the cloud: software, platform and infrastructure. They are also offering increased flexibility for customizing services.

Finding the right cloud service provider can be challenging. The key is to find a company that can best prove their ability to help deliver on enterprise business goals. Whether they are offering sales tools technology, business intelligence, customized software or other value drivers, companies need to see the return on investment (with proof that it will work). For customers, shopping for the right cloud provider could mean a huge leap over the competition. It could also mean a large step backwards.


Since companies are all unique, it can be difficult to show an exact example of previous experience. However, experience with the similar organization sizes and structures can help too. At the enterprise level, providers can show customers advantages of managing big data at scale. Also, they can cite how value was created in the past, lowering costs or increasing revenue for existing enterprise clients. In this case, the evidence can be quite convincing. As long as the example is not a competing company, the prospective customer would probably be interested.

Cloud Computing Prices

Keeping the right fit in mind, companies are willing to pay for the best cloud providers, much like they would for PHP web application development. After finding the right match, some cloud service contracts are worth over $1.2B (for just one client). It is no wonder why cloud companies, investors and wall street are all watching the sector very closely. Some deals are worth more than entire corporations, increasing the overall potential value of the service providers.

Top Cloud Companies For Enterprise

Here are the top cloud companies for enterprise customers. Depending on the organization size, requirements and infrastructure, each provider has their advantages. Most importantly, each organization must find the company that will offer the best IT solutions for their company specifically. Oh, the price has to be good too. Cost savings is why this category was created after all.


The technology giant has landed some large corporations recently. Yes, including multi-billion dollar deals. And, they have teamed up with Docker, to provide enterprise container technology, which also uses the cloud.


Behind Satya Nadella, Microsoft is embracing the “one concept” and moving everything to the cloud with Windows App Store and Office online. While their consumers are happy, their Azure enterprise solutions are also winning companies over for cloud flexibility.


AWS enterprise cloud computing works with companies like General Electric. They boast having the business applications without the infrastructure costs. They also emphasize the use of public and private cloud solutions.


Oracle is an on-premises software giant. However, they are now making moves to leverage offerings into SaaS, PaaS and Iaas. These offerings include middleware, database, Java and security and identity management services. These services will help to enable legacy systems and cloud systems integration, simplifying things for those of us without a SNIA certification.


It is no question that Google wants a chunk of the cloud business. And why shouldn’t they? Practically born in the cloud, the search engine company also offers platforms, hosted solutions and big data insights.


The hardware provider and supercomputer producer, Dell aims to make the cloud more simple. They are focusing on the ability to create a completely customized cloud environment. Other top priorities include security, speed and advanced management tools.


Leaders at HP are betting big on the cloud. They hope to be the main provider for enterprise telecommunications companies, allowing for cloud brokering services. There is a major push for the Helion Openstack combination while increasing value to the client. Read more about their plans here.


Understanding the importance of storing and managing sensitive data, Rackspace is high on security. They embrace a multi-cloud solution, enabling enhanced cloud security options. Their ultimate goal is help the IT team deliver valuable innovation.

Industry Specific Cloud Companies

There are many cloud computing companies that serve a specific industry. Many companies like NetSuite or Concur Technologies service the accounting, business travel and other related industries. Meanwhile, there are many companies that offer cloud solutions for healthcare, human resources and automotive deals. Across all industries, there are many cloud companies that you can take advantage of.

These companies are all investing heavily into cloud computing resources, like supplicant security. While their clients vary across industries, the goal remains common, to drive value for clients without giving up flexibility. They offer a myriad of solutions to lower costs, improve data management and spur innovation.

We can expect some newer start ups to join this space in the future. However, these are the top cloud companies at the moment. Just remember, there is not one best provider for any enterprise organization. It is all about finding the right match.

Would you add any cloud computing companies to the list? What enterprise providers to you recommend? Why would you choose them?

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