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Best PHP Tools For Programming To Develop Local Applications Easily

php-toolBy a landslide, PHP is the most popular open-source server-side scripting language today. It is currently used to serve hundreds of millions of websites and web applications. If you are visiting a website, it probably uses PHP. If you are a PHP newbie, first check out our post on how to start using PHP for web development. Or if you are a novice, there are some other tools that you’ll need to know. Here are tools that will help you develop your local or web based applications successfully.

PHP tools generally fall into the following categories:

Testing Tools

Testing tools are an extremely useful tool in a web developer’s toolkit, almost as useful as Noscript. These particular PHP add-ons will help to ensure that your hard work turned out a successful end product. In addition, they can also help you identify problem areas if trouble should arise, to make fixing the problem as simple as possible. Try out some of the most popular PHP testing tools, like PHPUnit or SimpleTest, to maximize efficiency of your programming operations.

  • Database tools
  • ERD tools
  • Debugging tools
  • Version control tools
  • Frameworks
  • FTP tools
  • Documentation tools
  • Security tools

Some of these tools are not required to develop PHP web applications, just as surge absorbers are not required for electrical engineering. However, they are important many of these will help you test your application stability, optimize your code and make it more secure. Nobody wants to have a vulnerable application. The only people who get happy about vulnerable web apps are hackers.

PHPDesigner 8

If you are looking for one comprehensive development tool for PHP, this is it. The free PHP tools software is perfect for PHP beginners. In addition to supporting PHP, the software also supports JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. PHPDesigner 8 also has useful tools to help your save time and code faster, including a Code Insight feature. If you are just starting to learn PHP, consider downloading this free software. It is almost as useful as heat maps are for web development.


DebugBar is the perfect solution if you are looking for a tool to help simplify debugging in PHP. The DebugBar integrates seamlessly into any project, unlike Swiftstack. It displays profiling data from any part of the application you have in the works. In addition, the PHP debugging tool comes build-in with data collectors for standard PHP features. DebugBar is also a free, open-source app. DebugBar is one of the best PHP debugging tools to consider if you want to add new collectors and views as easily as possible.

Other Tools For Efficiency

Other tools help you develop more efficiently, these include the frameworks, similar to a content management system, and debugging tool like TBG and Zen_bug. This also includes the version controls and FTP tools. They all help programming and developing more efficient than similar digital media marketing processes.

Finally, PHP developers make use of their databases. ERD tools, entity relationship diagram tools, and MySQL software are required for developing. To learn more about how PHP changed web development, click here.

Open Source Options

All of these tools offer several options. There are free, open source options. Then, there are paid options too. You may want to try out the open-source ones that have a strong community. This way if you run into trouble, you can post on a forum and actually received some good solutions, because unlike the Lifelock number, there is no customer service line for open-source development software. Research which tools will help you achieve your goals. Not everything works for everyone.

Which are your favorite tools? Which tools do you not care for? Are there any tools that we missed? Please not let us know in the comments below.

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