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5 A/B Landing Page Testing Best Practices To Boost Conversions

Marketing teams that perform A/B landing page testing have the power to increase their clicks. Many marketers like yourself also reduce their bounce rates when they use this type of testing. However, several marketing teams struggle to conduct this testing effectively. If you are in the same boat, you will not achieve your digital marketing goals. In order to ensure that you do reach your aspirations, read this post and learn the best A/B landing page testing best practices to boost conversions.

Consider All Crucial KPIs

Firstly, consider all crucial KPIs to boost conversions through A/B landing page testing. Many marketing teams fail to realize which conversions they need to optimize for. As a result, they do not know how to track website traffic factors or improve their sites. In order to avoid this outcome, you need to keep your options open. Carefully analyze all possible KPIs to look at. If your landing page focuses on a web-based subscription service, you will likely want to measure your sign up rate. However, there are plenty of other conversions worth measuring. Commonly tracked ones include page scroll depth and how often demo videos are viewed. Consider all crucial KPIs to ensure that you conduct A/B landing page testing effectively.

Assign Traffic Weight

Marketing teams that assign traffic weight when performing A/B landing page tests also increase their conversions. This process entails randomly assigning traffic to each version of your landing page during the test. Since A/B testing involves two page variants, most marketing teams split traffic 50/50. However, some succeed by splitting traffic 60/40. The main indicator for how to designate traffic weight among your page variants is timing. Keep this in mind when performing A/B landing page testing to obtain the best results.

Test Landing Page Headlines

Additionally, test your landing page headlines during A/B testing. This best practice is critical to success because your landing page headline is one of the most important components of your entire page. After all, it is what your prospective customers first see. As the first impression, it is crucial that your headline performs well. If your headline does not attract your target audience, you will not achieve your goals. For this reason, you need to test it when you conduct A/B landing page testing.

Find The Right Testing Duration

Another A/B landing page testing best practice is to find the right testing duration. When marketing teams run their tests for too long, they need to wait longer to receive results. In turn, they cannot optimize their landing pages in a timely manner because they do not receive digital insights fast enough. They also give their competitors more time to attract consumers. At the same time, marketers who complete A/B tests too quickly risk obtaining inaccurate data. Then, you also risk making unnecessary changes that will not improve your landing page. Discover the perfect testing duration period for your A/B landing page test.

Wait For Version “A” To Get Indexed

Finally, wait for version “A” to get indexed when conducting an A/B test on your landing page. If you do not wait long enough for your page to get indexed by popular search engines like Google, your test results will not be as accurate. You will also not receive as much data as you would if you waited until your page was indexed. When marketers wait long enough, they ensure that their pages receive the right amount of traffic to effectively run their A/B tests. If you want to receive accurate and advantageous information from performing A/B landing page tests, wait for version “A” to get indexed before moving on in the process.

In order for marketing teams to increase their ROI through landing page testing, they need to use the best practices. Only then can you upgrade your landing page design effectively. For instance, consider all crucial KPIs and assign traffic weight to each page variation. More so, test landing page headlines because they are one of the most crucial components of the entire page. It is also important to find the right testing duration period to avoid completing tests early or allowing them to continue on for too long. Furthermore, wait for version “A” to get indexed before moving on in your process. Use these A/B landing page best practices to boost your conversions.

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