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Abstraction Definition For Encapsulation in Object Oriented Programming


The term “abstraction” has various meanings in general conversation. These definitions can be used to describe art and philosophy, among other things. Similarly, the abstraction definition is used in computer science. In the technology field, the abstraction definition is used to describe a central principle of object-oriented programming. It is easy to choose web developer employees to create a website, but it is not nearly as easy to learn object-oriented programming. However, if you have a passion for the job, before you can fully understand the abstraction definition you will need to know some other key terms in computer science. If you are interested in learning more about abstraction, see below for some more important definitions!

Abstraction Defined

The word abstraction refers to the process of removing particular characteristics from something in attempts to reduce it to only those that are essential. This abstraction definition is used in Object-Oriented Programming, as mentioned above, in cooperation with two other central principles – encapsulation and inheritance. In this process, programmers reduce complexity for increased efficiency by hiding any data that is not relevant to a particular object. To better understand this definition of abstraction for SNIA certification, keep reading below.

Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming is a programming language model centered on the objects that a programmer wants to manipulate rather than the logic it takes to do so. The abstraction definition plays into this. It involves the process of hiding all but the relevant data about the object, in order to reduce its complexity. This allows programmers to use Object-Oriented Programming more efficiently. They are solely focused on the main parts of the object. Understanding the idea behind Object-Oriented Programming is essential to learning about the abstraction definition.

Object-Oriented Programming Languages

If you are not already familiar with the various types of object-oriented programming languages, you should start learning now, before you even attempt to start learning to abstraction definition. In the languages highlighted in the bullets below, abstraction plays its most important role.

  • C++
  • Object Pascal
  • Java

If you plan to use any of these object-oriented programming languages in the future, it is crucial that you understand the definition of abstraction. Keep reading to do just that.


Encapsulation is directly related to abstraction in Object-Oriented Programming. Encapsulation is the process of combining elements to create a new entity, unlike in VMDK. It is often used for the inclusion of all the resources needed for an object to function in a program. This is connected to the abstraction definition . It simplifies the object into a self-contained entity. If you can recognize the connection between encapsulation and abstraction, you will be able to grasp the abstraction definition.


Another central idea in Object-Oriented Programming is inheritance. Inheritance is the idea that when a class of objects is defined, any subclass of it may inherit those definitions. This assumption speeds up the programming process, which was the case for Zabbix software. Programmers can focus their attention outside of the most basic object definitions. What works consistently for a class of object should also work consistently for its subclass. Aside from cutting down on programming time, this also ensures consistency. This principle of Object-Oriented Programming is imperative to understanding the abstraction definition. The three central ideas of abstraction, encapsulation and inheritance all work together to form a successful programming language model.

Data Hiding

Data hiding is a characteristic of Object-Oriented Programming. Data hiding involves abstraction. It separates an object from any irrelevant or excess information. All data not required by an object can be hidden, just like you can hide people from your Facebook newsfeed. This protects an object’s integrity by preventing unwanted changes. Data hiding is different from encapsulation. It only hides class data components. Encapsulation hides data components and private methods. Both encapsulation and data hiding are significant concepts related to abstraction. Once you understand data hiding, you will have a better grasp on the abstraction definition.

To understand the abstraction definition in computer science, you should be familiar with the key terms above. Abstraction, encapsulation and inheritance are key principles of Object-Oriented Programming. Now that you are familiar with these terms, you can grasp more difficult concepts of the abstraction definition.

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