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5 Options To Access My Computer Remotely

There are many situations where you may need to access your computer remotely. Luckily, in the digital age there are a variety of options to do so. Some computers offer built-in remote access features. Others are compatible with intuitive software that easily lets users access remotely. Either way, remote access provides flexibility for computer users on the go. Remote access gives users the ability to access an office network computer from home. It also allows you to access a home computer from a remote location. Whether you have a desktop computer, mobile device, or touch screen laptops  you can benefit from remote system access. Whatever reason you have, there are various options for remotely accessing your computer. Continue reading to learn about five options to access my computer remotely.

Built-In Desktop Features

Certain computers have built-in desktop features that let you to access your computer on the go. Chrome and Windows computers both offer remote desktop options. Windows, for example, has a built-on remote desktop connection (RDC) feature. To access RDC features, simply launch the start window and search for remote access. The Remote tab in your Systems Properties window will allow you to enable remote connections to this computer. Check the Network Level Authentication box to ensure your remote connection is secure. Once you have enabled RDC on Windows, you can access your computer from any desktop.

Use A VNC Server

You can also access your computer remotely using a VNC server. VNC stands for virtual network computing. It is used to view and control other machines remotely over a network connection. With a VNC server, you can virtually access your computer desktop over the internet or from another room in your house. It is a simple network solution to access your computers remotely. To make this happen, install a VNC server on the computer you want to access remotely. This will enable you to connect to other computers on your local network or via the internet. If you plan to connect over the internet, forward the VNC server’s port on your router. For safety, ensure your VNC server is password protected. Use a VNC server to access your computer remotely.

Set Up A Virtual Private Network

Another option for remote access is to set up a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN gives you an encrypted tunnel to use when accessing your computer on public WiFi. This makes it one of the most secure ways to access your computer remotely. You can host your own VPN server at home or work. For VPN success, ensure you have sufficient bandwidth. With a virtual private network, you do not have to expose your server directly to the internet. Instead, when you connect to it, your computer will act like it is part of the same local network you use at work or at home. Using these ensure your computers protect technology. Set up a VPN to securely access your computer remotely.

Download Free Software

There are a variety of free software options that allow you to access your computer remotely. Free remote access software gives users access to remote computers. It also gives users the overall control of a network from another device. This software provides security features that protect sensitive data from risk. It is easy to deploy and simply effective. Troubleshooting models fix problems as they arise to ensure access is as efficient as possible. An additional benefit of remote access software is improved network security. The best software access comes with a team of professionals who ensure the overall safety of your network. Download free remote access software to access your computer from any location.

Simple File Access

Lastly, simple file access capabilities allow you to easily access files remotely. Systems allow you to access files without having to pull up your whole desktop. This is especially useful to professionals who travel a lot for work. Chrome, specifically, offers a cloud-based file storage systems that provide remote file access. It links with your Google account and password remotely offering a secure option. Simply install it and you will be able to access your files on any PC. Other systems provide users with their own file transfer options. Enable remote file access to gain access to your computer files from any location.

You may be asking yourself “How do I access my computer remotely?” Whether you have a basic desktop computer, a laptop, or a super computer, there are multiple ways to access your computer remotely. If this is the case, you have a variety of options. Use your computer’s built-in desktop features to enable remote access. Set up a virtual network computing server to control your machines over a network connection. Create a virtual private network that encrypts files and ensure safety while accessing your computer over public WiFi. Download a free remote computer software option for added access security. Choose a simple file access programs that provides cloud-based file sharing from any location. Consider these five options to access my computer remotely.

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