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Tomorrow’s World Future Predictions That Came True In Modern Tech


Tomorrow’s World was a long-running show on BBC that focused on developments in science and technology. The show began in 1965 and ran until it was cancelled in 2003. Although wrong about many things, Tomorrow’s World did make some correct mobile software and technology predictions. In this post, everyone can discover five topics the television show accurately predicted.

Home Computer

Before computers became popular in homes, Tomorrow’s World correctly predicted it. Tomorrow’s World accurately predicted that people would use their computers to write in their diaries and get updates on their bank account balances. It was also accurate it the assumption that individuals would use computers to send and receive messages. The show also offered future predictions that computers would be used for educational purposes and introduced in schools. The home computer, now a common item in most households is even being used for overclocked CPU purposes, and pushing the limits of hardware.

Touch-Screen Technology

In a 1982 broadcast, Tomorrow’s World viewers saw a computer that was controlled by poking its screen. Although touch-screen computers have not yet become commonplace, touch-screen technology has. Smartphones and tablets are interacted with via by touch-screen. The predictions Tomorrow’s World  made wound up being pretty accurate. Today’s touch-screen technology is actually designed differently than the way it was portrayed on the show in the 1980s. Regardless, touch-screen technology was first introduced on Tomorrow’s World.


Robots are something that have been predicted by all different areas of expertise. Those predictions were mostly accurate ever since the development of the first integer computer. However, there are now new futurist predictions regarding robotics technology. Fully-realized robotic machines are becoming more widespread in medical technology and scientific development. Living with “second life surrogates” will become increasingly common in everyday life as well as these specialized fields, according to futurists’ predictions.

Computerized Banking

The series predicted in the late 1960s that we would eventually become a completely cashless society. Although that has not yet happened, Tomorrow’s World did predict the use of credit card machines. Specifically, to transfer funds from a person’s bank account to a store for the purpose of making a purchase. The television series did believe that computerized banking would be more of a threat than it is. It was predicted that cash would be no more and computerized banking would force layoffs in the industry. Although not accurate in every detail, the series did correctly predict computerized banking thanks to the rise of cloud endpoints.

New Digital Banking Prediction

A new digital banking prediction has emerged in the public domain recently. No, it does not have to do with Zabbix software, unfortunately. Bill Gates recently announced his own future predictions. One of these predictions was that electronic banking systems will transform the lives of poor people around the world. Mobile banking makes it easier to store and protect money digitally for these populations. Gates predicts that by the year 2030, 2 billion more people will open their first bank accounts using a mobile banking app. This is a huge bet to make. But certainly one of the most promising future predictions you will hear.

Self-Parking Car

The self-parking car was introduced on Tomorrow’s World in 1990. Back then, most cars had Columbia House music playing in them. Although the car utilized in the segment was not the best at self-parking, the technology itself is widely available now. Multiple car companies have vehicles with self-driving capabilities on the market. Most are designed to parallel park, but some also have angle parking features. The technology of self-parking cars was accurately depicted on Tomorrow’s World.

Executive Toy

Tomorrow’s World made many predictions about the future office. One of these predictions was the eventual use of a robot secretary that used microchips to operate. The series made the future of the workforce seem dull, gray and bleak. Due to this, executives needed something to keep themselves entertained. The executive toy was introduced to solve this problem. An office toy, such as Newton’s cradle, was predicted to be in every executive’s office. This is another accurate prediction. The cradle or another small trinket is often found on desks of executives across the country. Tomorrow’s World inaccurately made the future workforce seem bleak, but they were still correct about the executive toy.

Mobile Phones

The show may not have anticipated the iPhone 7s release or Samsung Galaxy. However, it did correctly predict mobile phones in the future. Most people were used to wired phones back then. The idea of wireless was not yet mainstream. And, of course, the future predictions were right – chord devices continue to convert to wireless technology. Today, even the cheapest Walmart phones have more technology in them than what they used to have.

Tomorrow’s World was a series very ahead of its time, though admittedly a bit behind in the area of music production. The show introduced new technologies and predicted future ones. Some predictions were way off, such as the floating bicycle and discovering alien life on Mars. However, Tomorrow’s World made correct forecasts on many things. Some of these predictions include the home and touch-screen computers, computerized banking, self-parking cars and the executive toy. Due to Tomorrow’s World, everyone can appreciate how far technology has advanced to be where it is now.

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