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Lenovo Accutype Keyboards Offer More Comfortable Typing Experience


Lenovo is the multinational technology company that developed the AccuType keyboard. Lenovo claims that the AccuType keyboard features a modern look and feel in addition to flatter keys that concave slightly. This is a new approach to keyboards like SwiftKey. These keyboards have been a topic of discussion for many Lenovo customers. Whether they love it or hate it, people have plenty to say about it. If you are interested in hearing more about the pros and cons of the AccuType keyboard, continue reading.

Pro: Style

AccuType is a modern keyboard. They keys are flat rather than clunky, providing Lenovo products with a sleek design. The keys are rounded at the edges so there are no sharp corners. Lenovo married design and functionality by creating AccuType keys. They concave slightly in the middle, creating the perfect spot for your fingertips to fit. If you want a keyboard that is stylish and comfortable, this is a definite advantage.

Con: Unresponsive

The slight inward slope of the keys is meant to create an easier, more comfortable typing experience. However, some users speculate that it is actually doing the opposite. One of the biggest complaints about the AccuType keyboard is that the keys are unresponsive on integer computers. Some users believe that you must press a key directly in the middle, where the concave area is, or else it does not register. This can cause mistakes and frustration while typing. If you are considering a Lenovo product with an AccuType keyboard, this is an important disadvantage to take into account.

Pro: Palm Rest

Many people do not take the palm rest into consideration when purchasing a keyboard. However, the palm rest is one of the most important aspects to a comfortable typing experience, even though it has no bearing on choosing a printer. In addition to the AccuType keys, Lenovo’s keyboard leaves a large, smooth space available for resting your palms while you type. This relieves strain from your upper arms. It is important to have a comfortable space to work. If you want to benefit from a proper palm rest, consider the AccuType keyboard.

Con: No Backlit Option

If you do a lot of typing in the dark, some older versions of Lenovo’s AccuType keyboard may not be for you. Today, many keyboards have the option of backlighting. This is a feature that will shine a light from beneath your keyboard, so that you can see the keys more clearly, including the number keypad. Unfortunately, Lenovo skimped on this feature for the AccuType keyboard in the past. However, they are currently updating them with the additional backlit feature. Be sure to read the specs carefully before buying an AccuType keyboard. This way, you know you are getting a newer, backlit version.

Pro: Lightweight

One big perk of this particular keyboard is that it is lightweight. This is an excellent feature, particularly because you can buy the it separately, to fit your tablet and something that is unique in the Mac vs PC debate. The lightweight keyboard will allow you to travel with ease. If you are often on the go, the AccuType keyboard may be a good option for you.

Accutype Solutions

Some users have found that the Lenovo AccuType keyboards have a problem with keys being unrecognized, similar to the issues experienced when typing on a cracked phone. When pressing down on the center of the key, the character does not get typed on to the screen. However, pressing on the top right or bottom left would input the character. Since the keyboard is getting lighter and thinner, it could be a hardware issue. However, Lenovo has been notified of the issue and has worked with customers to fix it.

Accutype Alternatives

In preparation for your Accutype keyboard arrival, you may want to use the services of another Accutype. This Accutype is a touch-typing training program that helps you learn how to type faster and more accurately, so you can post to your Google timeline easily. The program makes use of traditional teaching techniques while also providing flexibility for individual learning style. Accutype offers over 120 training exercises and practice exercises. In addition, the program will adjust to help focus more on the particular areas that you are in need of improvement. If you want to learn how to type accurately before purchasing an Accutype keyboard, consider using Accutype touch typing lessons.

Advantages Of Learning To Type

Learning to touch type presents a ton of benefits to the AccuType keyboard user as well as to the techies that use PHP tools. Once you learn to touch type, you can achieve more in less time. You will also have the benefit of error-free documents. In addition, you are sure to experience less frustration typing long blocks of text and numbers and will be better able to focus on your work and not your typing. These are huge advantages to consider taking advantage of before buying an AccuType keyboard.

The Lenovo AccuType keyboard is designed to make typing a more comfortable experience. However, some users feel that the new keys are unresponsive or oddly spaced. If you have a Lenovo AccuType keyboard, you certainly have an opinion of your own, just as many did with the Bumtop app. Now that you have heard our pros and cons, let us know what you think below.

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