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ACF2 Security Software Alternatives With App Independence Features


Today, digital and online security is more important than ever. Security software is a flourishing market full of products that are designed to protect your information. If you are a business owner, you may be interested in the peace of mind that comes with a strong security system, whether it is open source or not. Below are some of today’s top security software systems that are designed to bring you just that. From ACF2 to Vanguard, there is guaranteed to be a fit for your business.


ACF2 is a mainframe security software designed by Computer Associates that can be used by masterminds and novices alike.  The software prevents the deletion, modification, corruption and viral infection of your most important files. ACF2 security software does this through a set of careful security measures including access control, permission requirements and extensive logging of all mainframe activities. With ACF2, you will always know if someone, authorized or otherwise, has attempted to make changes to your account. You can monitor your system’s status on a continuous basis. The logging features help to identify potential intruders so that you can take action. If you want a security software that takes careful note of every attempted log in on your system, ACF2 is the one for you.

ACF2 Add-Ons

ACF2, or Access Control Facility 2, also offers methods to bolster security from the software, similar to Aventail. This system is designed to protect your information from unauthorized users. However, there are also additional  programs, like IbM Security zSecure Audit or IBM Security zSecure Alert, that can bolster these security measures even further. These programs are sold separate from the ACF2 software. But they are sure to give your maximum data security. This is important to keep in mind when considering your options.

ACF2 Security Parameters

The most important consideration to keep in mind when looking for a mainframe security software is the parameters and features of each. ACF2 security software offers identification and authentication features as well as access control, object reuse and auditing capabilities. However, depending upon which version of ACF2 you choose to use, these features may be located in different areas. Remember to find out about the features and security measures of each mainframe security program you consider.


The CorreLog Visualizer is positioned as an affordable option in the security software market. Developed for IBM and z/OS, CorreLog is one of the top leading easy-to-use security systems available. It is especially great for any company with an international team. However, do not let the point-and-click functionality of this software fool you. It is designed to manage your security at the highest level. With errors, warnings and invalid password notifications, you will always be made aware of the happenings in your mainframe. Additionally, if your business already utilizes a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, then CorreLog is made for you! Although it is not required, CorreLog is designed to be 100% compatible with critical functions that can help improve your SIEM system. If you want a security software system that is easier to use than ACF2 and less expensive than many currently on the market, CorreLog is the perfect one for you.


Enforcive has designed a range of mainframe security software for any IT expert. Each Enforcive product is designed to meet the needs of specific operating systems and mainframes. Some of the most common features of each include application independence, monitoring of security officer activity and policy management of users and passwords. Additionally, with Enforcive you will find an easy-to-use way to review log audits. You can see everyone who signs in and out of your mainframe at any given time. With Enforcive, you can generate security reports and view dynamic graphs to help make your job easier. All of these Enforcive features will bring you peace of mind when dealing with the digital security of your business.

Whether you choose ACF2, CorreLog or Enforcive, there is guaranteed to be a security software system that is right for you. Your technology industry business deserves the best protection. Start securing your mainframe with one of these three choices. If you have tried ACF2 or any of the other software systems, let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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