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Are Adjustable Height Desks Right For Your Home Office?

The average person spends twelve hours a day sitting down. Sitting for extended period of time can cause anything from bad posture to heart disease, as well as decreasing productivity. Now there is an alternative for office workers working on Adobe Audition CS6, but it’s not perfect for everyone. Adjustable height desks, or standing desks, have benefits as well as downfalls.

Pros of Adjustable Height Desks


The most obvious benefit that an adjustable height desk provides is increased physical health. As with eClinical works, sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain as well as long lasting health issues such as diabetes. It can be said that health is wealth. Of course, sacrificing your body for your job is not worth the sacrifice. An adjustable height desk is a great way to preserve both your body and your career.


An adjustable height desk has been proven to increase productivity by close to fifty percent. This staggering statistic is likely appealing to those who care about their jobs, and especially those in performance based positions. Productivity is essential to any job or career, and increasing productivity by half through one small change is a choice worth making. We all know technology grows business, but this technology grows individuals as well.

Weight Loss

Every choice you make contributes to your weight, and the health and aesthetic consequences that come with it. Although you may feel like you’re making healthy choices, it is difficult to lose or even maintain your weight if you are not burning calories throughout the day. Unfortunately, those with long work hours find it difficult to find time to go to the gym or enjoy recreational athletics. By utilizing an adjustable height desk it is easy to unconsciously up your metabolic rate and burn more calories, as a result slimming down effortlessly.

Cons To Adjustable Settings


The glaring con of an adjustable height desk is the price tag that comes along with it. Although an employer might contribute to the costs due to benefits to them such as increased employee productivity, an adjustable height desk can run well over a thousand dollars. Taking a break to walk around the office is a free way to offset some of the negative side effects that come along with sitting throughout the work day.

Improper Use

Similar to VMware flings, any positive effects of adjustable height desks are completely lost if it is not used properly. Unless the desk sits comfortably at the height of your elbow, you could strain your neck looking at your screen, taking away from the benefits an adjustable height desk is supposed to provide for your posture as well as causing a distraction. By improperly using the desk, you could create equal or worse problems for yourself.


Although adjustable height desks are becoming more common, they have yet to become the norm in an office setting. Some bosses may not be comfortable with the introduction of desks into a conventional work space. An adjustable height desk may not be appropriate for every workspace, especially if you spend a large part of the day in meetings or group settings.

Investing in an adjustable height desk is a personal choice, depending on your physical needs as well as your workplace. For an employee of a large corporation, getting the OK from your boss is essential, but if you work from home, explore the benefits that standing can bring to your life, especially if you happen to produce digital content or have a similar job that keeps you behind a desk all hours of the day and night. Be sure to take all factors into account when deciding if an adjustable height desk is right for you.

Top Adjustable Height Desks

In a market that is flooded with adjustable height desks, how do you know which one offers the most value for your dollar? There are many standing desks and adjustable desks available to choose from. However, your best bet is to select one of the most popular providers out there. GeekDesk, Steelcase Airtouch and NextDesk have some of the best adjustable height desks on the market. These desks offer you the benefits of a standing desk, with the convenience of a sliding mechanism. They offer a sleek, minimalist design too, so you do not throw off the interior design of your office. Consider these top adjustable height desk companies when looking to buy one for yourself. Then, you can find desktop computer deals to complete your office makeover.

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