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Why You Need NAS Storage Solutions To Protect Small Business Data


NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. This is a dedicated file storage device that operates through a specific network. NAS storage is ideal for small businesses because it provides multiple users with access to the same files through their shared network. If you are a small business owner and you are interested in learning more about storage options for your AS2 software files and more, you have come to the right place! Below we have listed the top benefits of using NAS storage for small businesses.

Piece Of Mind

NAS storage solutions offer business owners peace of mind, regardless of whether or not you have a SNIA certification. This is invaluable. With NAS devices, you will never have to worry about hard drive failures. NAS hardware provides the option of Redundancy features. Redundancy RAID technology uses multiple hard drives to back up your data. So if one fails, the next one just steps up to the tasks. The piece of mind this offers otherwise harried small business owners is a huge advantage not offered by other top storage solutions.

Low Cost

One major benefit for small businesses is that NAS storage is inexpensive when compared to other network storage options. NAS devices come in a wide range of prices, so you are guaranteed to find something that fits your budget. There are high-end, mid-market and low-end NAS storage devices out there for you to choose from. No matter what price you can afford, NAS offers a reliable place to store data for your network, unlike other Lightbend software.


Another benefit of NAS storage is that it is easy to use – almost as easy as most media monitoring software. If you go with a mid-market or low-end storage device, you are likely to find that the set-up process is so easy that you can do it yourself! IT professionals are not required to implement or monitor NAS systems. If you are a smaller business without a dedicated IT person, this could be a great benefit to you.

Price Shopping

Another simple, but appreciated, advantage of NAS storage is the many retailers that sell these storage devices. NAS storage retailers abound online and in physical brick and mortar stores. This allows you the benefit of being able to price shop for the lowest cost available. Obviously, this will help you save even more money, in addition to the money you will already be saving from switching over to inexpensive NAS storage. The bottom line is always one of the most important factors in decision making. The price shopping that is made possible by the wide availability of network attached storage devices is a huge advantage.

Remote Access

The obvious benefit of a NAS storage device is that it will allow users of the same network to access all of the same files, just like Wigo. However, NAS takes it one step farther. Many of the newer devices offer remote access to users from any network connected device. This means that your employees can view and edit files from their phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere. Additionally, that same network can be connected to a network printer so that there is no hassle when you need a hard copy of a file.


Security is a big concern for any business, even with Vblocks. With NAS storage you can be certain that your data is safe and protected. If your device has multiple hard drive slots, you can back up your files in more than one place. This ensures that, if one hard drive fails, the other has all of the same information. Most NAS devices also offer security from outside hackers through encryption software.


The last benefit is especially useful for small businesses with big potential. Technology grows business, as everyone knows. Fittingly, NAS storage systems can be upgraded to help accommodate your company’s growth. You can increase your network’s storage capacity simply by plugging in a new server and connecting it to the network. This will allow small businesses to buy the amount of storage they need now with the additional option to expand later on.

Best NAS Devices

If you want to experience the benefits of NAS storage, use the best NAS devices of the year used by Saudi Aramco. One of the best network attached storage devices is, hands down, Netgear ReadyNAS 202. This NAS device is just under $300 and utilizes an embedded Linux operating system. This wired network works with USB 3.0, ethernet and SATA. If you want the absolute best NAS device of 2017, Netgear ReadyNAS is the first place to look.

NAS storage has a variety of benefits for any small business. If you want a versatile, secure and low cost storage system for your business, consider making the switch to NAS, without worrying about the abstraction definition. Your small business can receive big benefits from a NAS device.

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