Friday , 17 September 2021

5 Advantages Of Advanced Endpoint Protection Over Traditional Cybersecurity

Increasingly, IT security firms are taking advantage of artificial intelligence in the form of advanced endpoint protection to safeguard their clients. Cybersecurity experts have determined that data breaches, malware, and other hacks have cost businesses trillions of dollars in the last year alone. More sophisticated, AI supported software is being looked to in order to anticipate and resolve threats as they happen. Using this new breed of endpoint protection requires IT professionals that understand how it differs from traditional protection software. For example, award winning ClearSwift services can secure your business. Here are five advantages of advanced endpoint protection over traditional cybersecurity systems.

Predicting Threats With Machine Learning

A major advantage of advanced endpoint protection over normal cybersecurity is it’s ability to predict threats. Advanced endpoint protection uses machine learning to understand the vulnerabilities of the system it is working with. From a given set of data, this machine learning can intuitively understand network vulnerabilities. With it’s understanding of these vulnerabilities, the protection software can make accurate predictions on what hackers will target. IT professionals should use this predictive ability to safeguard the systems they work with.

Day Zero Threat Protection

One major aspect of advanced endpoint protection software above traditional anti-malware programs is it’s ability to thwart day zero exploits.  A day zero exploit is a programming bug that is exploited on the software the same day it is discovered. Keep in mind that cybersecurity technology can’t save you on its own, so you must prevent these exploits in the first place. As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, hackers look to use exploits that software users are not yet aware of. The delay between when an exploit is discovered and when a human IT professional can implement defenses against it leads to vulnerabilities. Advanced endpoint protection prevents this by combing through repositories of information about the systems it protects to discover and cover new exploits automatically. This software can greatly enhance the abilities of IT professionals that take advantage of it.

Coordinated Attack Disruption

Next, modern cybercrime attacks on businesses and individuals can be more coordinated than many people are prepared for. A typical cyberattack may be something like getting a phishing email with a link that leads to a virus or key logging site. Increasingly, attacks gain sophistication using multiple intrusion vectors that individually seem normal. Using data aggregation systems, advanced endpoint protection can detect these coordinated attacks and warn the human actors under threat. The software can then alert IT professionals to new threats more quickly than traditional security systems.

Endpoint Detection And Response

Developers built advanced endpoint protection to continuously monitor and respond to suspicious behavior at endpoints. As a result, modern endpoint protection is adept at countering these threats. The software uses a base of typical endpoint behavior by users to then automatically detect significant deviations from that baseline. In this way, the software can discover malicious intrusions without even knowing the specific type of attack. This minimizes exposure as it can define a normal practice and prevent malicious deviations. IT professionals can use this baseline to detect intrusive behavior more easily.

Analytic Security Feedback

One way that endpoint protection differs from typical cybersecurity systems is that it offers continuous analytic security feedback. This data  can be used to undermine the social engineering aspect of modern cyberattacks. Often, the least secure aspect of a system are the people who are using it and hackers know this. It’s important for IT professionals to keep their co-workers informed on how attackers might prey on them. Understanding supplicant security further improves their security knowledge. Analytic security feedback helps to categorize threats and how they propagate through the networks of people and the devices they use.

Advanced endpoint protection is an exciting development in cybersecurity that can greatly benefit IT professionals. The machine learning capabilities at the heart of the software is used to predict threats before they arise. It can also be used to comb digital sources for day zero vulnerabilities to protect the system before an issue is well known. This software can also detect and disrupt coordinated attacks that look like innocuous behavior to an average person. The endpoint detection and response allows the system to shut down malicious actors before they get too far. Finally, the aggregate data that the AI has can be harvested to give continuous feedback to IT professionals to refine their practices. Advanced endpoint protection uses AI to buttress traditional security features for IT professionals looking to reduce the chance of cyberattacks.

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