Saturday , 8 May 2021

What Advantages Does A Micro Data Centre Have To Offer?

The ability to discover effective facilities management (FM) solutions is no easy task. Stakeholders are often forced to make a choice between efficiency, cost and oversight. The main issue here is that none of these metrics should ever have to be sacrificed in order to find an appropriate solution. Thanks in no small part to the digital age, one effective method can be seen in the presence of micro data centers.

Micro data centers (MDCs) are essentially miniaturized data hubs which have been engineered to meet the requirements of workloads that do not require the presence of an entirely separate data facility. Although the sizes of these centers may vary, they are normally standalone components intended to centrally supervise many in-house tasks that would be difficult to manage with more traditional methods. So, what are some of the main advantages of these systems and why are they now present in a growing number of facilities?

An Increased Level Of Autonomy

Whether referring to facilities managing critical processes or a standard production pipeline, automation is key in this day and age. Micro data centers are extremely effective at providing automated solutions without sacrificing quality control. Not only can this result in more robust production capacities, but accuracy and reliability will remain unchanged.

Privacy And Security

Let’s also remember that these hubs are perfectly suited for private business cloud computing networks and they boast impressive security protocols; helping to keep sensitive information safe. It should therefore be clear to see why micro data centers are becoming extremely common within the fast-paced world of facilities management.

The Scalable Nature Of Micro Data Centers

Facilities management is always concerned with flexibility. In other words, methods and techniques that might be viable today could be outdated or otherwise irrelevant tomorrow. This can present a problem when dealing with legacy hardware solutions, as such networks will require a great deal of time and money to upgrade.

The micro data centers by Gesab and similarly reputable firms will help to mitigate these risks thanks to their scalability. Using technical terminology, it is possible for these centers to be “stepped and repeated” in order to accommodate the changing needs of existing IT infrastructure. Upgrades can likewise take place based off of requirements such as power, space and bandwidth. This is much more preferable when compared to traditional “stick-built” data centers.

Deployment Speed

It can be challenging to quickly deploy computing solutions within real-time operational environments. Micro data centers often contain all critical elements such as the hardware, software and IT equipment within a single package. Once again, this modular nature reduces many of the challenges associated with implementing upgrades (or even downgrades) when the time is right. This saves money and helps to limit any downtime that might have otherwise been incurred. Ultimately, this can help you increase internet speed easily for your business.

Reducing The Risks Of A Single-Point Failure

Many manufacturing and production facilities are associated with extremely complex operations. The potential issue here is that a single localized failure could result in the collapse of the entire system. Micro data centers can help to avoid this scenario. As they are often modular in nature, a problem within a single node is much less likely to result in such large-scale failures. This sense of redundancy is key within operational frameworks that might otherwise be susceptible to damaging levels of downtime.

Simplified Installation

Of course, operating using a micro data center offers an incredibly simplified, streamlined installation process. Micro data centers are self-contained. Therefore, installation is always incredibly straightforward and seamless. In addition, these centers can easily be transferred, moved, or located anywhere. From an office reception area, home workstations, or online retail stores, you can equip your data center to operate virtually anywhere. Surely, simplified installation is a major benefit of using a micro data center.

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