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Why Russell Simmons Yoga App Business Expansion Is So Successful


Russell Simmons is known for being the godfather of hip-hop. However, he is also an avid yoga enthusiast and has been for over 20 years. This entrepreneur and music mogul has taken his passion to the next level by creating an app, similar to eClinical Works, called Meditation Made Simple. The Russell Simmons yoga app is his pride and joy. However, it has seen mixed reviews from yoga enthusiasts and music lovers like. Below are some of the pros and cons of the Russell Simmons yoga app so that you can decide for yourself if it is a success.

Pro: Free And Charitable

Russell Simmons’ years of practicing yoga have not only brought him inner piece, they have also inspired him to give back. The app, Meditation Made Simple, is free to download on iTunes. In addition, all of the proceeds from in-app ads are donated to charities. These charities include Russell Simmons’ own, the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. This app is an excellent way to find peace via webcast with the bonus of helping others. The free cost also means that you have nothing to lose in downloading it. Consider the Russell Simmons yoga app if you are ever seeking to enjoy a few minutes of guided meditation each day.

Con: Limited Audio

The Russell Simmons yoga app comes with two step-by-step meditation practice audio clips. You can choose between a ten minute meditation or a twenty minute meditation. However, if you are looking to meditate daily, the minimal amount of guided meditation audio available may be a considerable disadvantage. You can only listen to Russell Simmons’, the music production mogul, recorded voice so many times before wanting to break out into something new. Other apps offer more audio clips to accompany your meditation experience. This is something to consider if you like variety.

Pro: Great For Beginners

Meditation Made Simple is the perfect app for beginners, both in technology and yoga. The Russell Simmons yoga app has a simple interface, making it easy to use for people of all technological skill levels. Its intuitive design is accompanied by simple meditation practices. Simmons provides step-by-step instructions along with the meditation audio clips. In addition, a series of vibration mantras are provided to help users find their center. If you are just now entering the world of iPhones or meditation, the Meditation Made Simple app offers an excellent learning technology tool to get started with.

Con: Book Purchase Suggested

Although the Russell Simmons yoga app is free, it is also lacking in content. However, this is purposeful. Russell Simmons designed this app as an accompaniment to his book Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple. In the book he goes over the history and significance of yoga and meditation in-depth. In the app that was recently going viral however, he simply skims over some basic points. If you want a thorough understanding of yoga and meditation, then you may have to purchase the book. However, the book’s proceeds go to charity as well. So you can feel good about spending the extra cash. This is definitely important to consider if you are on a budget. If you want an all-inclusive app, the Russell Simmons yoga app may not be for you.

He has astounded us with his musical stylings, but now Russell Simmons is taking on the new project of building a yoga and meditation empire. Simmons believes that meditation can make the world a better place. If you are looking into taking up meditation and yoga, the Meditation Made Simple app may be for you. However, if you want variety or you are not looking to spend extra, you may need to look elsewhere. Consider these pros and cons the next time you are scrolling through the app store.

Yoga Center

Russell Simmons has turned his obsession with yoga and mental health into a business with his latest venture. The hip hop mogul recently opened the Russell Simmons yoga center, named Tantris, in West Hollywood, California. The center promises Ph-balanced showers, which does not seem to have any scientific benefits to the practice, and even a dry bar for upscale clientele. If you were disappointed with the Russell Simmon’s yoga app and want a more in-depth yogic experience, consider taking a trip to the Tantric yoga studio in California.

Tantris Services

Russell Simmons yoga has become well-known thanks to some new services being offered at his yoga studio, Tantris. Tantris recently began hosting special events that made news all over the country. The yoga studio now offers evenings of yoga, meditation and communication with the added benefit of a cannabis flower sampling and tasting. The cannabis tastings are provided by Lowell Herb, and organic California cannabis farm. Even if you do not like marijuana or endorse marijuana usage, you have to recognize an excellent business idea when you see one. These events are obviously a much more impactful business venture than a small business website design.

What To Learn From Russell Simmons

While you may not be interested in downloading the Russell Simmons yoga app, there is still one thing you can definitely learn from the music mogul’s unexpected venture. You should learn the importance of self-care and downtime. In today’s world, constantly being on-the-go and overworking yourself are seen as positive traits. Many people feel good about themselves the harder they work. And they should. However, not taking time to reflect and relax will ruin your mental and physical health. Learn from Russell Simmons and start to value yourself and your health. Next time you are working on the newest inventory control software, be sure to take time to unwind in order to give yourself the ability to truly succeed for many more years.

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