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Affordable Car Background Checks For Accurate Car History Reports

When shopping for a used car, getting a car background check is a necessity. This is one of the only ways to know that your car is actually safe to drive. These checks help to make sure you do not fall victim to any sort of fraud throughout the used car shopping process. However, many people do not know that there are several companies that offer these vehicle history check services. There are many other affordable car background check services that you can use. Keep reading below to learn about useful vehicle history check companies to consider.


AutoCheck by Experian is one of the great history check alternatives to consider. This car history report service will run you just under £15. However, unlike other cheap car history checks, AutoCheck offers a guarantee to support their services. The AutoCheck data guarantee and AutoCheck promise will give you piece of mind that your report is accurate. Their information is sourced from all different types of data centers. If you want an affordable and reputable car history reporting service, consider using Experian AutoCheck.


RAC Motoring Services is another provider of affordable car background checks. The RAC website allows you to get an instant vehicle check, which is extrememly convenient. It will only cost you £15, just like AutoCheck. However, RAC car checks do not come with a guarantee. This can be a problem for some car shoppers. But if you need a quick and thorough car history report, consider RAC vehicle history checks.


CarDataChecks is the only free car check service to make the list. The company’s services are still thorough, however. CarDataChecks will provide information on DVLA data, recall, keepers, MOT history, tax and plate transfers. If you want a guarantee because you are buying a classic car, like a 1970 Plymouth, this is not the company to use. However, if you just need a quick and free car history report, CarDataChecks may be the solution for you.


MyCarCheck offers a tiered pricing model. This is incredibly helpful for car shoppers with a specific budget and requirements. The company offers three service levels – classic, gold and platinum ranging from £2 to £15. The classic check provides vital information, but does not offer finance data. The platinum car history check includes outstanding finance info, common faults and a £20,000 guarantee. No matter what your needs, MyCarCheck has a solution for you.


AutoTrader is the final name to make our list. If you need to get a vehicle check instantly with a £30,000 guarantee, AutoTrader is the place for you. This car reporting company provides a 26 point independent vehicle history report. This is much better than some less reputable options that just pull data from geolocation software. This comprehensive car history report is available for just £15, like the others mentioned above. Unlike some of the other options, however, they also provide a “Vehicle Check Promise,” in addition to their money guarantee. This is an excellent solution to consider for your car history reporting needs.

If you are shopping for a used car, a vehicle history check is a necessary part of the process. However, some checks are a bit more expensive than some people care to pay. If you are one of those individuals, consider one of these cheap car history checks mentioned above. These companies offer you some great services for less money. Just be sure to use a company with a money guarantee if you are a bit more of a worrier. You will not go wrong selecting any of the car checks mentioned above.

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