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Trustworthy AfterNic Domain Registrar And Marketplace Alternatives

afternic-com-domain-sales-sites is a domain marketplace. Domain names are coveted by businesses, individuals and organizations alike. For the average individual, owning a domain can be an exciting prospect and selling one can make you quite a bit of cash.  If you want to purchase or sell a domain, whether it be a minisite for business or personal use, there are plenty of websites you can turn to. Below are some of the top domain marketplaces where you can make your purchase or list a domain you want to sell. is one of the world’s largest domain marketplaces. They host over five million premium domains and receive more than 75 million domain searches each month. They even provide information on ICANN domain names. Whether you are buying or selling a domain, is a popular choice to consider. The website is free to join, so you can peruse on-sale domains to find what speaks to you. However, a domain from may not be a frivolous purchase. There are domains on sale for upwards of $60,000. If you are making the purchase for a business venture though, it may just be worth the investment. is a trustworthy domain seller. Consider visiting their site when you are looking to purchase a domain.

How To Sell A Domain On AfterNic

If you want to sell a domain on AfterNic, the process is fairly simple. Create a free AfterNic account on their website. Log into your new account and visit your profile. Then transfer the domain name you want to put up for sale to the AfterNic site. Once you have done this, wait a few hours. Then, your domain will be linked to your account. Next, you are going to want to “Opt In” the domain name you are trying to sell. You cannot update your contact information after you have listed a domain for sale, so be sure to check that all your info is accurate. Then, you just have to wait for someone who wants to buy your domain.

Domain Parking

It is also important to note that AfterNic is one of the few domain registrars that offers domain monetization, also known as domain parking. What is domain parking? Simply put, it is the process of serving ads on your pages through AfterNic’s turn key parking platform. In other words, it is a form of internet marketing. This is an incredibly easy way to earn revenue passively. Keep this in mind if you are going to be registering a domain name.

You may recognize GoDaddy from their outlandish Super Bowl commercials. However, they are known for much more than that. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar. They have 62 million domains under their management. You will surely find one that suits you. GoDaddy goes above and beyond in helping you find the perfect domain. They offer suggestions and alternatives to help you find the best domain for the best price. Unlike, which involves a one-time payment, GoDaddy charges annual rates for your domain. Some domains can cost as little as $1.00 per year, while other premium domains can cost thousands. Regardless of what you are buying the domain for, GoDaddy will surely have something in your budget.

Name Cheap is another domain website that helps you find the most sought after ICANN domain names. Name Cheap promises a low cost. Some web domains start at as low as $0.88. However, the prices for popular domains, such as, can still cost thousands. Name Cheap is a great option if you are willing to compromise to keep costs low. Additionally, Name Cheap offers a registration service so that if you come up with an original domain that is not owned by anyone else, you can register it yourself at a fraction of the cost. is a versatile domain marketplace. In addition to selling domains at inexpensive rates, they also offer web hosting via VoIP server. has everything you need to start your own website. Their web hosting service starts at under $4 per month. Additionally, they sell custom Gmail accounts for your website. You can have the ease of a trusted Google email in collaboration with your very own brand domain. If you want to start a website with all the bells and whistles, is a great option for you.

Domain sellers, like or Internet of Things, are dedicated to offering you a simple way to acquire coveted domains. However, in order to get the best deal possible it is important to shop around. Visit and the other sites featured in this post to ensure that you are getting the best domain for the best deal.

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