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Top AI Platform Options To Deep Dive Into Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is the hottest topic in technology. But, not many techies make the connection between AI and the cloud. However, AI technology has revolutionized the public cloud services. And without cloud computing, AI progression would be stunted. The relationship between AI and cloud computing is complicated, to say the least. Still, there are there so many AI platforms that utilize cloud computing to provide their services. If you are looking for an AI platform to use to get started as a machine learning practitioner, find out which ones are run using cloud technology in the post below.

Microsoft AI

The Microsoft AI platform is one of the most comprehensive artificial intelligence platforms available to techies. Their AI platform allows you to use artificial intelligence technology to drive digital transformation. It also provides you insight into the ways Microsoft uses artificial intelligence technology to power some of their most popular products and services. The Microsoft Artificial Intelligence platform even features an AI school. There, you can learn how to start building intelligence on the AI platform. If you are a beginner AI developer looking to learn more about artificial intelligence computing, the Microsoft AI platform is one to consider.

Google Cloud AI

The Google Cloud AI platform is one that allows techies to produce their own tailored models. It is a neural net-based machine learning service that affords you better accuracy and training performance than you would find with other deep learning systems. In addition, the Google AI platform also includes pre-trained models to help you ease into using artificial intelligence. The hardware used to power this AI platform is optimized for the purpose of artificial intelligence computing. That makes it one of the most high-powered solutions to consider using for your artificial intelligence platform needs. Keep this in mind if you are trying to decide between several options like you did with your insurance IoT gadgets.

Oracle AI

Oracle AI platform cloud service allows you access to machine learning in the cloud. The service allows you to set up your own cloud environment in no time at all. Or, you can opt to use the pre-installed machine learning tools included in the platform. This includes machine learning frameworks to help you build and train machine learning models. You can also use the Oracle artificial intelligence platform to experiment and explore on your own. Oracle also provides AI training materials with use of the platform, should you need some help. Consider the Oracle AI platform cloud services to help you take a deep dive into machine learning and artificial intelligence computing.

AWS Machine Learning

Amazon Web Services also offers a machine learning platform to help developers get in on the artificial intelligence fad without having to create their own robot factory. Of course, Amazon is one of the companies best known for their use of AI applications for consumers. That is why the AWS machine learning AI platform is certainly one to consider. The services allows you to performance comprehensive data analytics processes. It also supports all major machine learning frameworks, like TensorFlow and Caffe2. The AWS AI platform is a great option for data scientists and machine learning practitioners at all different levels of skills and abilities. No matter whether or not you are just breaking into the artificial intelligence cloud computing scene, consider using the AWS machine learning AI platform.

Infosys NIA

Infosys NIA is an AI platform that allows you to discover, curate and transform machine learnings automatically. The platform seeks to help machine learning practitioners like yourself to amplify and derive value using artificial intelligence processes. Infosys NIA AI platform is easy to use, and includes some of the best advanced features for AI development. In addition, Infosys offers some of the best customer support for users. That makes it easier to find help when you are stuck in a particular workflow. However, the Infosys AI platform does not provide users the AI training materials that other top AI platforms do. If you are well versed in machine learning and artificial intelligence development, the Infosys NIA AI platform may be the best option for you.

Cloud computing makes AI development for mobile apps in business and much more possible. Thus, there are many different cloud AI platforms to choose from when you are looking to break into the field of artificial intelligence computing. Thankfully, you can make your decision more easily using this post as a guide. Detailed above are the top AI platforms available for you to consider learning more about machine learning development with. These top cloud AI platforms will make it easier to start building AI models that work optimally. Let us know which AI platform you use in the comments below.

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