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7 Unique Ways To Hover Around Using Technology Driven Wheels

Teleportation still does not exist, at least not yet. However, that does not mean that technology has not made a huge impact on travel over the past few years. Thanks to some creative minds and talented engineers, we have a variety of cool and quirky ways to get around these days. Everything from self-driving cars to an electric unicycle called the AirWheel have taken roads and sidewalks by storm. These methods also help you to incorporate one of the best energy saving tips into your day-to-day life – driving your car less. If you are interested in hearing about some of the latest and greatest developments in travel, you have come to the right place. Below are some of the wackiest ways you can get around thanks to technology.


Thanks to the film Paul Burt: Mall Cop, the Segway has become a well-known personal travel unit. These motorized scooters can travel between 12 and 24 miles per hour depending upon the terrain. Segways have made their way into professional markets, acting as transportation devices for security, tourists and warehouse workers. These scooters are equipped with lights, handles and a 6 hour lithium battery. They are one of the most widely recognized travel gadgets around.


The Hoverboard is another one of today’s more mainstream travel devices. Popularized by many social media masterminds, Hoverboards are electric scooters without handles. These personal mobility devices are designed to react based on the user’s body language. When the rider leans forward, the scooter goes. When they lean back, it stops. Today, the Hoverboard business is growing as they expand into electric skateboards and other personal mobility items.


The AirWheel is an electric unicycle built to rival the Hoverboard. These sturdily-build devices are self-balancing, so all you have to do to ride it is step on the pedals. Similar to the Hoverboard, you can control your speed and direction by leaning forward, backward and sideways. The AirWheel requires smooth ground for easy riding, and it is definitely a little more difficult to master. One you have the balance and directions down however, the Airwheel can take you on an enjoyable journey.

AirWheel Pricing

Believe it or not, there are already multiple AirWheel models available for purchase, and each is priced differently. The various models are the AirWheel X3, X8, Q1, Q3, Q5 and the top of the line AirWheel Q6. The prices range from £399 to £650, from high end to low end, respectively, so they make perfect tech gifts for those gadget geeks in your life. The cheapest AirWheel X3 comes with a 400 watt motor and can travel 6-8 miles, while the Airwheel Q6 provides an 800 watt moter and can travel for double the amount of miles. If you want to purchase an AirWheel, there is one available at all price points.

AirWheels America

We knew it would not be long before the AirWheel took off stateside, too. AirWheels America is a global portable intelligent transport company that offers almost the exact same product as the original AirWheel. This is the first company to offer the transportation gadget in the United States. If you are interested in purchasing one, visit the AirWheels America retail store, located at the Katy Mills Mall just outside of Houston, Texas.


RocketSkates are like Heelys for adults. This is a dream come true for many, and the skate shoes do not disappoint. RocketSkates are controlled by your individual foot movements.Unlike the Hoverboard and Airwheel, you can control each foot independently. These skates allow you to go up to 12 miles per hour. You will never have to use another taxi app in your life. Additionally, you can track your travels with their app, where you can control the skates remotely, view statistics about speed and battery life and adjust the speed settings.

RYNO Microcycle

The RYN Microcycle is a one-wheeled device that takes personal transportation to a new level. Its top speed is only 10 miles per hour, but that makes it perfect for sidewalk travel at technical colleges. This marriage of a motorcycle and unicycle is sure to catch people’s eyes.

The Onewheel

This unique transportation method is a lot to take in. Featuring one wheel and a board, the rider uses balance and built-in power to travel. It is even able to do tricks and has a strong enough motor to encounter hills and bumps smoothly. As long as the rider has the balance, this is a great option. You can use it as a complement to your fitness technology, taking a ride and working your coordination between workouts.

Autonomous Cars

One big travel gadgets development that is still being tweaked today is autonomous, or self-driving, cars. Many of today’s major car companies have been testing self-serve vehicles for years. However, it was only in 2015 that Tesla released several of their self-driving cars. However, safety continues to be a primary concern. As of now, all self-driving cars still require a supervising driver.

Technology has made a significant impact on the way we travel today, so much so that you may never have the urge to buy car accessories ever again. Self-balancing devices like the AirWheel and the Hoverboard have been popping up everywhere. Refer back to this post if you ever want to purchase a modern travel unit.

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