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How Akamai Class Can Make Tech Implementation Plans More Efficient


Akamai is a content-delivery network that was founded at MIT in the 1990s. Akamai started off as a class project when Tim Berners-Lee posed a challenge to his students: invent a better way to deliver internet content. Although the internet was just in its beginning stages, the information highway was soon expected to become overloaded. Today, it is one of the world’s leading distributed computing platforms. If you are interested in learning more about Akamai, big data analytics, and how this school project turned into a global corporation, keep reading below.

What Is Akamai?

As a content-delivery network service, Akamai’s primary function is to operate servers all over the world. Businesses and websites can then rent space on these servers in order to deliver content to internet users from a closer server. For example, if a business is located in California, its servers may have more difficulty reaching someone in New York. Akamai solves this problem by having hundreds of thousands of servers located throughout the world to transmit all those media mentions. This collection of servers helps to prevent congestion on the internet. Many websites rent space on Akamai servers in order to provide their customers with the fastest internet speeds available. In order to understand how Akamai’s success in improving the internet, it is also important to understand how Akamai operates.

What Does Akamai Do?

In addition to improving worldwide internet speeds, Akamai also offers cloud networking services. They began to branch into the cloud computing sector in 2005. Since then, they have developed products that provide security and organization to clients’ cloud networks. The Akamai Cloud Networking Suite includes a variety of applications that are designed to give network service providers the reliability and high performance they deserve. The Secure Web Gateway filters inbound malware in order to help keep your multitenancy network safe. Additionally, the Network Onramps feature helps to direct traffic to the necessary space in order to provide maximum performance. Other cloud service options include Site Shield, a security application that provides an additional layer of protection for critical websites and web applications. Site Shield helps prevent direct attacks to your network, allowing you detect and mitigate any potential threats. Cloud computing may have been a secondary venture for Akamai, but it has been met with obvious success.

Akamai Global Training

If you use, or hope to use, Akamai as a content delivery network solution over acf2 security software, the above paragraph is not enough information. Thankfully, Akamai offers global training solutions to help you fully leverage Akamai CDN or cloud services. The Akamai instructors teach you the basics as well as providing you tips for the best practices in managing and using these applications. With in-person, online or private on-site classes, you can attend Akamai University no matter where you live or how busy your schedules is. This is certainly a useful benefit offered by the company.

Who Can Benefit From Akamai?

You can benefit from Akamai courses in many instance however, there are some specific cases where you should definitely consider these courses. If you want to Administer Luna, define caching rules for any website, troubleshoot slow web response times or secure a cloud computing company website, you should certainly take an Akamai Course. In addition, you will definitely benefit from Akamai if you need to prepare media content for streaming or troubleshoot streaming problems with media. If these circumstances apply to you, definitely consider attending an Akamai class.

How Akamai Continues To Improve

Akamai consistently goes above and beyond when working to improve technology and teamwork project management. One of the ways in which they do this is by releasing a quarterly report titled “The State of the Internet.” This report outlines various data collected by the Akamai Intelligence Platform. The State of the Internet report cites global internet statistics such as connection speed, attack traffic and mobile connectivity. This information is not just interesting. It can also reveal a lot about the ways in which the internet can still be improved. Akamai utilizes this data to improve their servers, leaving you with better, faster internet.

Akamai Web Performance

Akamai offers a useful web performance solutions training. The Akamai Web Performance Solutions Training will help you become familiar with the Akamai Web Performance Solutions portfolio. This is a much more in-depth computer training than you will find elsewhere. The class offers insight into all of the features on the Akamai Intelligent Platform. While attending, you will be a part of conceptual discussions, hands-on lab exercises, facilitator-led demonstrations and group activities to help you learn how to use these solutions to their full potential. This is certainly something to consider for anyone interested in technology.

Akamai Technologies has grown from a small internet solution to a successful corporation. Since venturing into content delivery, Akamai has continued to improve upon many facets of technology, including nonrepudiation. Their cloud computing services and constant dedication to advancing sets them apart from competitors. If you have any thoughts about Akamai, let us know in the comments below.

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