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Best Alexa Programming Language To Develop Skills For Amazon Echo

It is no surprise to anyone that Amazon is one of the top tech companies in the world. That is why their smart home products are some of the most popular on the market. Amazon Alexa technology makes it possible for consumers to control a range of smart home devices with their voices. These Amazon smart home gadgets also present a marketplace of skills offered by third-party vendors for users to enable. If you are an app developer, developing an Amazon Alexa skill is a natural progression. But first, you need to learn about the Alexa programming language required to develop and what types of skills you can create with it.

Strong Memory

Moreover, strong memory skills are vital to succeed with Amazon Alexa devices. As a programmer, you will constantly need to recall different instances, syntaxes, or commands. Simultaneously, you must internalize hundreds of different artificial intelligence algorithms, data structures, and visual flows. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of advanced manuals, coding books, and resources to support you throughout the learning process. Of course, this is key to cultivate consistent performance and promote productivity. Certainly, you need strong memory skills to be a successful programmer.

Alexa Programming Language

To program Alexa skills, you can use any programming language. However, there is one language that experienced Alexa developers prefer. The preferred language of choice is JavaScript. Using this innovative language, you can leverage a wide range of advanced JavaScript frameworks and tools. Most popularly, JavaScript is used in conjunction with Node.js, the open source server framework. If you are an experienced developer however, you can elect to use whatever programming language you prefer. But, you may need to buy dedicated server, as you will need to self-host if the code you elect to use is not compatible with the Amazon API Gateway. Amazon Alexa technology allows you to keep your options open and your possibilities endless, (within the four types of Alexa skills mentioned below, of course).

Custom Skills

You can use the Alexa development language to create custom skills. Custom skills are classified as any skills that utilize a custom interaction model. Custom Alexa skills allow develops to define requests, voice user interfaces, visual and touch interactions and skill invocation names. These skills can be developed to handle any type of request. If you want to create an Alexa skill that is entirely new and unique, like an FDA approved Alexa skill, develop a custom skill.

Smart Home Skills

Alexa programming languages can also be used to develop property smart home device skills with the Smart Home Skill API. Smart home skills include those that allow users to control smart home gadgets. These devices typically include smart lights, locks, thermostats, smart TVs and more. These types of Amazon Alexa skills are not nearly as customizable as custom skills. Instead, developers can only control how your skill responds to device directives. If you plan to create a smart home device, this is the Amazon Alexa skill you will need to create.

Video Skills

Alexa video skills can also be created to provide users access to video content. The Alexa programming language can be used to define the identifying information of each video, requests and search results displays. Otherwise, the Video Skill API automatically defines the voice user interfaces for you. This means less customization abilities for developers. But, it also means a lot less work. For those developing video skills for Alexa, be sure to use the Video Skill API.

Flash Briefing Skills

The last type of Alexa programming language compatible skills are flash briefing skills. The Flash Briefing Skill API is the only method that can be used by developers to deliver flash briefing content to consumers. The API defines the voice user interfaces for your skill. But, developers set the name, description and images for you skill, as well as the content feeds that customers will be hearing. Flash briefing content can take two formats – audio content or text content that Alexa will then read to customers. If you want to deliver quick information to consumers, with infographic tools or similar, developing a flash briefing skill is the way to go.

Many developers are starting to come around to the latest voice-activated technology devices, like Amazon’s Alexa technology. Amazon Alexa allows consumers to control a number of different devices and skills through voice commands directed at the Amazon Show, Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Spot. If you want to develop using the Alexa programming language, consider using JavaScript and Node.js to build the four types of Alexa skills mentioned above. Then, let us know how it worked for you in the comments below when you are done developing an Alexa skill.

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