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6 All In One PC Considerations For Potential Buyers To Consider


An all in one PC is a style of desktop computer that integrates the computer case and system components into the monitor, so that the entire PC is contained within a single unit. This type of computer has been on the rise lately and is produced by Apple manufacturing, as well as PC companies. If you are considering purchasing this type of PC, you should take a look at the pros and cons we have listed below.

Pro: Saves Space

One of the major benefits of an all in one PC is that they save space. Unlike a traditional desktop computer which has a separate monitor and CPU, an all in one has it all in one small space. Their slim, modern designs are both functional and fashionable. You will have extra room on your desk for all kinds of activities, making the all in one computer a great option for small spaces. Consider this pro the next time you are shopping around for a device you can operate in promiscuous mode.

Con: Less Powerful

Although the all in one saves space, this also leads to a lack of power. If you are looking to use your device for digital media marketing, you may want to look elsewhere. These PCs sacrifice performance in exchange for some of their benefits. Smaller PCs, particularly PC models of the all in one variety, have less air space inside of the case. This causes the computer to bog down when doing complex work, or even overheat when running high end games or applications. These computers, although powerful, are not made to run large programs for long amounts of time. Instead, an all in one computer may be better suited for those with simple needs. Keep your average computer activity in mind before you buy this type of PC.

Pro: Portable

In addition to saving space, the smaller size and fewer components of an all in one make it great for portability, just like removable media devices. These computers offer the perfect marriage of a desktop and a laptop. You can enjoy desktop-like performance and a larger monitor size, but you can also move the unit from room to room almost as easily as a laptop. These monitor-computer hybrids are perfect for someone who wants to have a flexible work space. As long as you have a free surface and an outlet, you can enjoy using your PC anywhere.

Con: No Upgrades Or Quick Fixes

Although their compact design seems to be a great benefit of the all in one PC, it also seems to be its greatest downfall. The self-contained nature of these PCs make it impossible to fix or upgrade single parts. For example, if your monitor breaks, you will be forced to send your entire device to be fixed, or you will have to replace the entire thing. Because the computer and the monitor are inseparable, you will also be unable to upgrade different parts of this desktop. The monitor and computer you choose will be your only option until you are ready to replace them both, which can be really detrimental if you work in small business website design. If you are someone who wants to keep up to date on the latest technology, an all in one PC may hold you back.

Pro: Affordable

The best benefit of buying an all-in-one PC is the affordability of these computing devices. Unless you have several offshore accounts, this is definitely something that you should be concerned about. You can find all-in-one computers for as little as $350. Even the most expensive everyday all-in-one PCs will not cost you more than $800 or so. This is a huge advantage an all-in-one computer has over the standard PCs, for which prices can start at $1,000. If you can only swing the most affordable computers, consider an all-in-one PC.

Con: Weight

A lot of the top all-in-one PCs weigh over 20 pounds. While you may have the benefit of being able to carry the small device around, do you really want to have to lug 20+ pounds around all day just to work on Mozilla Webmaker? Probably not. The heftiness of many all-in-one machines is one of the factors that dissuades many potential buyers from pulling the trigger on their purchase. Decide whether or not the weight of these devices is an issue for you before you go out and buy a top of the line all-in-one computer.

The Best All-In-One PCs

If you want an all in one PC, there are, of course, some that are better than others. Consider the three all in one computers listed below when you start your search.

  • HP Envy Curved 34-A051 Signature Edition All-In-One
  • Apple iMac 27-Inch With Retina 5K Display
  • Asus Zen AiO Pro z240IC

These all in one PCs are the top performers with high quality processor speed, RAM and storage capacity. Some of these even make use of environmentally friendly energy saving tips. If you have decided to purchase an all-in-one PC, consider these first.

An all in one computer can be a great option for those who want a simple, space-saving device to perform their daily tasks on. If you just want to check your Facebook newsfeed and browse Pinterest, an all-in-one computer is a great choice. However, these devices are not made for avid gamers or tech enthusiasts. If you want a powerful computer that you can upgrade or fix easily when needed, an all in one is not for you. Now that you have this list of pros and cons in mind, you can consider them the next time you shop around.

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